Tonight in Music: Cordaviva, Horace Pickett, and more

Bertie Magit / July 3, 2011

Cordaviva, The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra, and Trip the Light at Tractor Tavern | 4/3 | 9pm | $8 | 21+

photo from Cordaviva's MySpace

World music is a very broad genre.  Cordaviva embraces the non-specificity of the genre, creating music with clear influences from multiple regions.  They combine soukous, rumba, afrobeat, funk, and a variety of latin styles to form their lively sound.  Cordaviva lays down a heavy drum beat foundation, building with horns, piano, and other fun melodic instruments.  Starting off the night are gyspsy-folk-grass band The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra and Trip the Light

Horace Pickett, The Little Penguins, Ambulants, and guests at The Comet Tavern | 4/3 | 9pm | $7 | 21+

photo from Horace Pickett’s MySpace

Horace Pickett is a band from Seattle that enjoys playing with the quality of sounds to create fun music that is hard not to like.  The Drums and guitar remain strong as the keyboard and sometimes vocals are slightly muted.  In many of their songs, Horace Pickett features for at least a few phrases a keyboard rapidly playing the assent and descent of five notes addressing a sound similar to one found in a mario-type video game, which is awesome.  Come have fun with Horace Pickett, The Little Penguins, Ambulants, and guests at The Comet Tavern tonight!

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