Rose Hotel shares a fuzzy, pastel voyage for her newest single “Running Behind”

Colette Pomerleau / May 7, 2019

Photo credit: Casey Doran

The ever-so-charming Rose Hotel just released the video for her latest single, “Running Behind”. This imaginative offering is full of atmospheres the artist is becoming known for through her debut LP, I Will Only Come When It’s A Yes: stripped-down intimacy, introspection, and nostalgia for distant eras.

“It’s a record about running from nostalgia, but also leaning into it. It’s about transitioning through life, learning from the different phases we endure,” says frontwoman Jordan Reynolds. “Rose Hotel will always be a shapeshifter. Sonically, I want to sound modern and relevant to what I’m listening to and loving now, while also nodding to and gleaning influence from the older music that resonates so deeply with me as a musician and a woman.”

At the time when “Running Behind” was written, she was feeling frustrated with where she was in her life. Through subtle builds and heavily emotive vocal soaring, Rose Hotel narrates a story we can all relate to.

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