Red Tail finds lightness in “Gloom”

Colette Pomerleau / March 28, 2019

Ryan Ehresman (of Synthetic World 859) is the visionary behind Red Tail, a multi-sensory project fuelled by nostalgic pop melodies narrating gloomy situations, all drenched in synth-scapes. The project was created following the sudden death of Ehresman’s father and breakup of a longtime romantic relationship. Red Tail seeks to convey a message of “lost in digital precision”.

“Gloom” was released just last month and Ehresman shares it was written “as an answer to my frustrations with modern EDM and production techniques. I’ve turned to some 70’s-era analog gear to move into a more organic sound. For me, that means running gear through all kinds of vintage signal-processing chains like random circuits, old preamps and compressors.”

The video for the addictive single offers its own kind of meditation, while Ehresman shares seemingly mundane landscapes that must hold more emotional meaning along to the sparkly synth line.

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