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Posted by on March 18th, 2010 at 4:24 PM

Every March for the last 3 years, there has been an explosion of underrepresented, quirky, awesome, and varied music, also known as Magma Fest.  Magma Fest is Seattle’s own Hollow Earth Radio’s month-long fundraiser so that this volunteer-driven non-profit radio station can continue to cover its operating costs.

So far it’s been an incredible fest.  At the opening show on March 5th, Mirah showed up last minute to do a song-off with Thao.

Photo by Carli Plute

At the second show on March 6th, The Thrown Ups got back together for the first time in 20 years with bubble wrap suits.  This legendary Seattle band (with 3 members of Mudhoney) put on a show that attendees were glad they didn’t miss.

The Thrown Ups at MAGMA Fest from the archiver on Vimeo.

This is sampling represents only half of the shows that have already happened. There’s more to come until the blow-out show on March 27th.  Here’s your guide to the rest of Magma Fest and why you shouldn’t miss any more.

March 19th — Henry Art Gallery (15th Ave NE & NE 41st):

This will be a Radio8Ball show with creator Andras Jones.  What is that?  Basically, you (the audience) ask the 8 Ball (A spinner wheel w/ different song titles of the featured artist) a question.  After consulting the wheel, the artist (in this case, K Records’ beloved Karl Blau) plays their song, and Andras explains to you why that specific song answered your question.

March 20th — Shafer Baillie Mansion (907 14th Ave E):

Having worked with Beck, John Zorn, Laura Veirs, and others, you know you’re in for something interesting with Eyvind Kang.  His music involves different instruments like violin, tuba and erhu (Chinese Violin), and kind of has a drone/world music vibe with beautiful melodies reminiscent of Sigur Ros.  Lori Goldston will also be performing, who collaborated with Mirah on her album, Share this Place: Stories and Observations.

March 26 — Kenyon Hall (7904 35th Avenue SW):

The infamous Master Musicians of Bukkake (a band of about, oh, 20 guys) will play earthy, world music vibe songs that sometimes sound like they’re marching out of the depths of hell.  Dylan Carlson (founder/guitarist for Earth) will be adding to the deep, dark vibe of the night.  A multi-media night, local filmmakers will be displaying their visuals during the performances.

March 27th — The Mine (5113 Russell Ave NW):

SO MANY BANDS!  Here’s a few highlights:  I would probably check out I Hate You Just Kidding simply based on the name, but they’re actually an adorable duo with complimentary voices like The Moldy Peaches and Rilo Kiley.  S Funkee, who you might have caught opening for Black Dice or Yacht (he just shows up to open for bands that he likes with all his gear), looks like a computer science teacher from the ’80s and then loops his voice/beats to make you dance uncontrollably.

For more information, go to Hollow Earth Radio.


  1. Hey – thanks for the writeup! We’re really excited about Magma this year – it’s been blowing my mind.
    Just wanted to add a few things:

    1. Lori Goldston also played cello on Nirvana:Unplugged. WHOA.

    2. Master Musicians of Bukkake are going to play A GIANT WURLITZER ORGAN that is built into Kenyon Hall. It’s gonna be insane.

    3. Also, Julie … Did you fail to see that there is going to be a Garth Brooks cover band at the final show? Ropin’ The Wind. Bring your shitkickers.

  2. Here’s a link to the wurlitzer organ Master Musicians of Bukkake is going to play:

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