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Download: Xiu Xiu – “Beauty Towne”

Lindsey Bluher / February 21, 2012
Xiu Xiu, Always

With a new release looming in the horizon, Xiu Xiu has just released another track of the upcoming album, Always. “Beauty Towne” offers up Xiu Xiu’s typical dark sound, but intermixed now and again is a twinge of humor in the music backing Jamie Stewart’s vocals.

“Beauty Towne”is an electronic, dreamy song and the video to accompany it fits perfectly. The Jean Y Kim animated video is composed in black and white, shifting into an out of a room onto images of people. It’s a complicated video to match a complicated song, watch below to fully understand.

MP3: Xiu Xiu – “Beauty Towne”

Xiu Xiu’s Always is available from Polyvinyl March 6th, pre-order your copy now.

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