Write for SSG Music (Pacific Northwest)

SSG Music is a Seattle based music website that highlights national/international music news as well as sharing new music downloads, live concert reviews, album reviews, and recommending shows in Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, Boise, ID, NYC, NY, Montreal, QC. We are looking for music enthusiasts and aficionados to join our staff! All staff positions are volunteer based; in return for your writing services, you would have access to all of our incoming music and you would be able to get into the concerts you review/preview for free. Please see the job descriptions and application below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Music News Writers:

Are you one who follows tweets, national music news outlets, you have your eye on everyone’s Facebook Pages and you’ll be darned if you miss a thing? There is a place on the SSG Music roster for you! We have little tidbits that are being sent in all day long and we don’t have enough hands to write them up and whip them out. The new channels of news in the e-generation are coming directly from the artists. If you have a watchful eye, you’re ahead of the game. It’s time that you get some recognition for it! The more availablity you have during the day, the better!

Concert Reviewers:

Do you love going to concerts? Great, but being a live show reviewer is much more than that. Although going to shows is required, we need people on the SSG Music staff who won’t shut up about the concerts they go to, and preferably by 9am the following morning. If you’re opinionated, deadline oriented, reliable, and well spoken, I’d be happy to put you on the new force of the SSG Music concert reviewing team. We have a lot of access, so the world would be your oyster. If you happen be a photographer too, consider it done.

Concert Previewers:

Have you noticed that we give away a lot of tickets to a lot of shows? Our staffers type their fingers to the bone getting all those previews out, and we still have shows that slip through the cracks! If you are a writer who finds joy in pointing out why bands rock, this is the spot for you! Guess what, those bands that you write about ahead of time give you tickets to their shows. Yes, you’ll get tons of free tickets for being the nice guy—imagine that!

Album Reviewers:

SSG Music is reviewing albums on the regular. You will be seeing more of them coming up, which raises the demand for us to get dedicated staff to review. There are no current hard and fast rules for the frequency of album reviews, but there are hard and fast rules about the level of writing required. Submit an original review of a current release that has yet to be reviewed via SSG Music. Feel free to look through our album reviews not only to get an idea for content (Hint: any release/band worth spilling some ink) but the format. Links to any previous work, no matter the subject matter, are also encouraged. If you’re able to commit to a deadline and are serious about reviewing music, we can’t wait to have you as part of the SSG family. You’ll also be charged with bringing the potato salad for company picnics if accepted.

New Music Contributors:

Your duties will include listening to new music as soon as it leaks. We get a multitude of press releases on any given day that include mp3 files, so you will need to be readily available to listen to new music if it is an urgent item for us to post.

All new music contributors are welcome to bring new music to us as well. Have your finger on the pulse of the local, national, and international communities as far as what is coming out and what bands are up to in general. You can have a lot of fun with this.


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