Watch Wray’s newest video for “Relative”

Colette Pomerleau / September 22, 2014

Wray. Photo by Caroline Philippone.
Wray. Photo by Caroline Philippone.

This isn’t about just one night.

A while back, I ran over to the Doug Fir to see one of my newest favorite bands, Wray. I had a jam-packed day that ended with questionable choices. Nevertheless, I was excited to see this band and hear what was coming out of Birmingham, Alabama. I had Wray’s newest album on repeat as soon as I got my hands on it. I’d wake up to “Bad Heart” and fall asleep to “Relative”. I’m sure I irritated the fuck out of my housemates, but I had to do it. I craved their songs day and night and needed to hear them or I thought I’d die.

That night at the venue, I watched as the three-piece quietly and confidently executed their songs live, projections alternating shapes over their faces and instruments. The visuals seemed to correspond with their music perfectly. Though their sound seems heavily-rooted in shoegaze, intricate guitar and bass parts danced over the beat in a way-beckoning anyone listening to thrash.

There’s something incredibly special here. Below, watch their latest release: a video for their song, “Relative”.

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