Win Tickets to See NighTrain, Watch it Sparkle, and Black Tones at Columbia City Theater (2/18)!

Julie Cochran / February 17, 2012

NighTrainWatch it Sparkle, and Black Tones | Columbia City Theater | 2/18 | 9pm | (Get Tickets) | $ 6| 21+

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NighTrain are four females hailing from various corners of the Pacific Northwest who play what they describe as “Locomotive Punk;” that is, a sound characterized by elements of Punk, Motown, Soul and Funk. It seems the group coined the phrase themselves to describe their unique sound and it fits. When asked to name their influences, bassist Selena “No Pick” Whitaker-Paquiet, drummer Taryn Dorsey, vocalist Rachael Ferguson, and guitarist Nichole Peoples cite artists from Captain Beefheart to Cee-lo, to the New York Dolls to Florence and the Machine. Musically, they are hard to pin down.

The intro track on NighTrain’s debut album Derailed, entitled “NTN” cracks open with a Cramps-like riff before Vocalist Rachael Ferguson cautions “Choo choo motherfucker/We’ll beat your ass on this train”—a line which sets the perfect “take no prisoners” tone for what follows. On “Hey Hey,” Ferguson’s vocals trigger recollections of Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein while her threat of “I’ll cut yaaaaa” on “The Diss,” sounds more Parallel Lines era Debbie Harry. Fresh off their first West Coast tour, NighTrain have played a handful of dates around Seattle in the past few months, but this is the last show listed on their official website.

To get an idea of what their set might be like, check out the band’s video for “the Diss:”

While the rest of Seattle is caught up in the throes of a Folk Rock Resurgence, Watch it Sparklewant to make it clear that folk is exactly what they are not about. Instead, they are hoping to embody a different f-word: fun. Vocalist Justin Mellor, drummer Starr Harris, keyboardist Allen Wilson, and bass player Trevor Leonard will thrash and wail their way into your hearts with their uptempo, poppy garage rock. They’ve toured with such acts as Ty Segall, Shannon and the Clams, Crystal Antlers and Hunx and his Punx.

Over the past few years, the band have hit the festival circuit, playing gigs at Seattle Weekly’s Reverb Festival, Capitol Hill Block Party, and more recently, SXSW. With the aid of famed Grunge Producer Jack Endino, 2012 should see the release of Watch it Sparkle’s second full length LP, to follow up 2010’s Rocket Surgery (Like a Shooting Star Records). Watch it Sparkle are great because they don’t take themselves too seriously, as illustrated by their first music video which features the band ingesting tacos filled with baby blood and guts.

Openers the Black Tones’ mission is simple: “bring class to Rock n’ Roll’s ass.” Compared to the rest of the lineup, this quartet is pretty low key. With mid-tempo arrangements and a blues rock core, their sound recalls the early material of the White Stripes—a band that some would argue fought for a similar cause. Having played their first show in July, Black Tones are still in the early stages of their evolution. This could be your opportunity to catch the band before they become Seattle’s next big thing.

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