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Nikki Benson / April 18, 2011

Maserati, Sleepy Eyes of Death @ The Sunset Tavern | 4/19 | 9pm | $10 Get Tickets | 21+

Maserati Pyramid of the Moon/Sun album Art

Maserati is a four piece instrumental, beat driven post-rock band that has accents of psychedelia and is sure to make listeners want to dance. They have amassed a loyal following throughout the years, and caught the attention of some new fans when they toured with MONO in 2009. I enjoyed them as main support, particular the dynamic drumming, but really stopped to pay attention to their catalog when drummer Jerry Fuchs tragically lost his life November 2009. With some of his final work having been recorded on Pyramid of the Sun earlier that year, it was a very tumultuous, emotional road getting their 2010 LP released. This is the first tour since Fuchs’s passing; Maserati is celebrating the memories of his life.

Check out this interview I conducted with Jeremy deVine, Founder, Owner of Temporary Residence, LTD. on the aftermath of Jerry Fuchs death and how Pyramid of the Sun came to fruition.
Break Time With SSG: Jeremy deVine Discusses Maserati and Jerry Fuchs by SeattleShowGal

When Maserati was in Seattle in 2009, Sleepy Eyes of Death was the Seattle band to start the show. Maserati were so impressed with Sleepy Eyes’ beats, light show, and the quality of their epic post-rock devastation, they invited them to be their main support at The Sunset Tavern. Sleepy Eyes of Death could easily sell out this show on their own. Maserati could sell out this show on their own. The two bands together in such an intimate room is going to be the post-rock show to be remembered in 2011. Don’t wait any longer to get tickets or you’ll miss your chance–the secret is out!

For your chance to win a pair from SSG Music, please e-mail with the phrase “Maserati Eyes of Death (4/19)” in the subject line. Please include your first and last name for the guest list. We’ll holler back if you’re the winner!


(Sleepy Eyes of [Yes, Please, and Thank You])

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