Win Tickets to Love Inks at The Vera Project (12/12)

Bertie Magit / December 12, 2011

Love Inks, Plus Guests @ The Vera Project | 12/12 | 7:30pm | $9 | all ages

photo from Love Inks' MySpace

What would happen if you took the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and asked them nicely create more relaxed and chill music? Well, you would end up with the band Love Inks. Love Inks is a minimalist pop band from Texas whose music is applicable to many contexts and circumstances. For instance, are you having a party and need some good background music? Play Love Inks. Going on a long drive and need something catchy that won’t drive you insane? Play Love Inks. Has this winter weather started to get you down? Play Love Inks! Even better than playing Love Inks off of your computer, ipod, turntable, or whatever other music-broadcasting device you have is to see them live!

Love Inks is playing at The Vera Project on December 12 with special guests who have yet to be revealed. This is an all ages show so, if you want to attend you can! Even better, you have a chance to go for free. SSG is giving away a pair of tickets to this gig. If you want to enter your name for a chance to win tickets to Love Inks on December 12, e-mail with the phrase “Love Sure Doesn’t Stink, It Inks! (12/12)” in the subject line! Please include your first and last name for the guest list. We’ll holler back if you’re the winner. Don’t forget to follow @SSGPromo to get all the updates of shows we’re giving away tickets to!

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