Win Tickets to Damien Jurado at The Crocodile

Gabriel Arguelles / March 3, 2011

Damien Jurado, Viva Voce, Loch Lomond @ The Crocodile | 03/05 | 8pm | $12 adv


Damien Jurado is one of Seattle’s favorite and most treasured sons. The singer/songwriter has been at it for just over 15 years now and has been pretty prolific in providing his fans with the music that they want. Jurado has jumped from label to label, but has managed to maintain the same level of quality for most of his output.

Late in 2009 Damien Jurado performed a free show at the wonderful Skylark in West Seattle alongside Airpocalypse and Amy Blaschke. He took the stage like a pro and it was pure poetry in motion and sound– he brought his sense of humor with him– he had to. It wasn’t as though he wasn’t aware that he was performing after a male wet t-shirt contest and a band made up of air instrumentalists who’s signature hit is the hair metal version of the Transformers theme song. Somehow, though, a man who is so often compared to Neil Young pulled it off gracefully. The rapt audience quieted down for the first time that night when he performed, solo, on that stage.

Expect the same thing from him this weekend at the Croc, as he sets off on tour with Viva Voce.

For your chance to win tickets to this show, e-mail with the phrase “Damien on 03/05, Please” in the subject line. Be sure to include your first and last name for the guest list. We’ll holler back if you’re the winner.

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