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Julie Grebenau / July 27, 2011

Bryan John Appleby w/ Gabriel Mintz and Good Luck Number @ Columbia City Theater| 6/30| 9 PM| $8 (Get Tickets)| 21+

Photo Courtesy of Bryan John Appleby

It’s likely you’ve heard of a band called The Head and The Heart. It’s possible you know that band member and vocalist Josiah Johnson hosts an open mic at The Conor Byrne. One of Johnson’s friends, Bryan John Appleby has played this open mic, and received critical acclaim for his performances.

After exceeding his fundraising goal on Kickstarter, Appleby is putting out his debut full-length album, with the help of some prodding from Mychal Cohen (of Campfire OK) by telling Appleby that he was too talented not to get serious and put some music out besides a small EP he put out in 2009 (Shoes for Men and Beasts, and you can download it here).

Appleby’s music stands up to the word of mouth going on about him. Appleby focuses on making music, rather than talking about it. In an interview with Culturemob, Appleby talked about his experience of the Seattle music community via The Conor Byrne:

…every time we play songs for each other at the Conor Byrne open mic or wherever, we aren’t competing. We are sharing our creations and we all feed off of that excitement. It’s a really positive, encouraging community with those guys…If these songs resonate with “the masses,” great, but I’m trying not to look for that.

Who can’t love a guy like that? His personality comes through with his gentle voice, and a sense of comfort comes over the listener, as if they’re listening to their big brother give them advice about life. From quiet moments with just his voice and a glockenspiel, to adding in guitar,drums, and keyboard, it shows that Appleby has a huge heart that he’s willing to share. You can witness this for yourself at his CD Release show at Columbia City Theater this week on Saturday for Fire on the Vine.


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