Win Tickets To Best Of The New Four: Ben Fisher, Le Wrens, Andrew Anderson, Prom Queen @ Columbia City 11/3

Lindsey Scully / November 1, 2011

Best Of The New 4: Ben Fisher, Andrew Anderson, Le Wrens, Prom Queen @ Columbia City Theater | 11/3 | 8pm | FREE | 21+

Image via Sound On The Sound

The Collective is the efforts of Artist Home Booking, Sound on the Sound, and The Warehouse all combining their power into promoting new and emerging bands. The lineup for the Bets Of The New Four sounds very promising and will be quite the talented bill. The bands and artists set to perform for this show all are equally talented and vary between americana, folk, and rockabilly.


Photo by Lindsey Scully

Ben Fisher is a name we have spoken many times on SSG Music. Back in July we wrote a spotlight on him, back in August we posted some video of him from Doe Bay, and here we are in November singing his praises again. The kid has talent and there is no denying that. November will definitely be the month for Fisher as he will be doing various shows and also an in-studio for KEXP. This show will probably be your one and only chance to see him for the very low price of free.



Andrew Anderson has a slight Tom Petty to him with a country twang. He changes between mandolin and acoustic guitar with a harmonica thrown in for good measure. His raspy vocals are raw and suck you in while his lyrics are a little more topical then the other bands performing this night. 

Le Wrens is made up of more members of the Gundersen family, (Abby, Elizabeth, and Jonathon) and friends Kale Lotton and Michael Porter. The acoustic folk group features vocals by Elizabeth and Abby with guitars and splashes of harmonicas and drums in the background. They were recently performing at the Cathedrals I show at St Mark’s Cathedral.


Photo via Le Wrens’ Facebook

Prom Queen is the rockabilly side-project of Leeni, who you may have seen around town with her 8-bit songs. Her sultry voices paired with electric guitar are perfect together, so it makes sense that she performs an amazing cover of Chris Isaac’s “Wicked Game”.


Photo via Prom Queen’s Facebook


For your chance to win tickets to Best Of The New 4, e-mail with the phrase “Best Of The New 4 (CCT 11/3)” in the subject line! Please include your first and last name for the guest list. We’ll holler back if you’re the winner. Don’t forget to follow @SSGPromo to get all the updates of shows we’re giving away tickets to!

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