Win Tickets: Slack Fest with The Moondoggies, Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers, Hobosexual and more 7/14!

Bebe Besch / July 10, 2012

Slack Fest @ Slime Dog Race Track (Stanwood, WA) | 7/14 | Gates open at 4p.m. on 7/13 | $25-35 Adv (get tickets) | Recommended 21+

If you want to take your concerting/festival experience to a new level, you’ll be inclined to attend/camp out at the Slack Fest this weekend. Held at the Slime Dog Race Track in Stanwood, Wash., the festival will feature some of the best bands out of the Pacific Northwest playing along a dirt racetrack out of the back of a flatbed truck. Where most city festivals can be a taxing and busy venture, Slack Fest is a laid back alternative. While relax in atmosphere, Slack Fest celebrates the passion local music fan Don Slack has put into his many years of concert going, and is sure to be a vivacious way to spend your 75 degree Saturday in the sun. It’s your chance to get down and dirty with some real rock n’ roll – take it!

The gates for camping at Slack Fest will be open from 4p.m. and later on 7/13, and the festival’s music starts just after Noon on Saturday 7/14.

*Slack Fest strongly reccomends that patrons 21 years old and over attend this event. Younger patrons will be welcomed, but may have to watch from outside the racetrack area. No dogs are allowed at Slack Fest* Find out more information by reading the Slack Fest FAQ.

Slack Fest 2012 lineup and schedule:

Pipsisewah – 12:05 – 12:35pm
Country Lips 12:50 – 1:20pm
Big Wheel Stunt Show 1:40 – 2:25pm
Wayfinders 2:40 – 3:25pm
Rolling Stones 3:45 – 4:30pm
Hounds of the Wild Hunt 4:50 – 5:35pm
Hobosexual 5:55 – 6:40pm
Moondoggies 8:15 – 9:15pm

Rock band Pipsisewah is putting on a pre-slack warm up show this Thursday at the Rendezvous, Country Lips is a lively nine-piece country outlet, and The Big Wheel Stunt Show is a relentless retro blues rock band from Tacoma.

Wayfinders – Photo by Shane Williams

The light yet tenebrous tunes from local glam band Wayfinders will add a fun twist to the Slack Fest schedule.  The hippie four-piece is sure to get you (while possibly muddy and beer-sodden) up close to the truck’s stage to dance along to their progressive and inviting songs.  Wayfinders are still riding the excitement from the release of their self-titled album this spring, so they’ll be bringing the heat at Slack Fest.

Following Wayfinders will be Rolling Stones, a tribute band playing through many of our classic favorites from The Rolling Stones.  Punk/Folk Hounds of the Wild Hunt (the evolutionary and liberating new band previously known as The Whore Moans) will take no mercy as they grace Slack Fest’s stage shortly after.

Hobosexual – Photo by Bebe Besch
After seeing Hobosexual live for the first time at the FunOfficial Bumbershoot Kick-Off party last September, I noted that:


“Hobosexual, the bluesy-garage band, proved that rock ‘n’ roll is still very much living with a vengeance in Seattle. The two-man powerhouse consists of Ben Harwood (guitarist, vocalist, professional hair swinger) and Jeff Silva (drums, looking-stoic extraordinaire).”


SSG Music‘s Nick Hilden also had this to say about Hobosexual:


The duo’s heavy, distortion driven garage sound portends the eminent collapse of mass produced music while calling out a rallying cry for underground bands to fight ‘the Man’ by staying pure to their origins and remaining, well, underground.


It’s true, seeing Hobosexual for the first time live will be a turning point in your rock n’ roll concert going – sometimes bands will exemplify the entire atmosphere of their genre and these two are natural born rockers. To see them at Slack Fest this weekend will certainly be an envious event.


Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers are proudly releasing their latest EP Old Gold on July 24, and will most likely be featuring some of those songs at the Slack Fest stage.


The Moondoggies – Photo by William Anthony

Headlining the festival will be beloved The Moondoggies. Here are a few words about them by SSG Music‘s Jessica Kaminski:

If you aren’t familiar with The Moondoggies, their name might conjure visions of drum circles ripe with patchouli. Seattle’s beloved The Moondoggies are a far cry from a hippy jam session. Carefully crafted and fresh as a spring breeze, their alt-Americana is a local staple that is spreading like wild fire. The Moondoggies just wrapped touring with the Head and the Heart and a flurry of headlining dates.

SSG Music has a pair of tickets to give away for this show + camping!

For your chance to win, e-mail with the phrase “Slack Fest 2012 (7/14 at Slime Dog Race Track)” in the subject line. Be sure to include your first and last name for the guest list. We’ll holler back if you’re the winner. Follow SSG Music on Facebook to keep your eye on all of our giveaways.

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