Win Tickets to the Dance Nostalgic Showcase at the Showbox 9/27

Kat Taylor / August 25, 2014

Dance Nostalgic Showcase @ Showbox Market | 9/27 | 9pm | $31.50 adv (Get Tickets) | All ages

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The Dance Nostalgic showcase has a little something for everyone, featuring dance, soul, funk, and experimental sounds from some of the world’s most creative artists. This diverse lineup is sure to get bodies moving and heads nodding in remembrance of all the pioneering artists that lit the way.

Self-proclaimed “Hacker-Techno-Producer-DJ-Combo-Thing,” Avalon Emerson embraces variety. Working as a software engineer by day and spinning house tracks at some of San Francisco’s hottest parties at night, she has an enviable dual lifestyle that screams creativity. While some of her tracks can be hard-hitting and dark, she also reveals the lighter side of techno with atmospheric melodies in tracks like Blue Hawaii.

Want the carefree disco sounds of the 70s without all terrible haircuts and regrettable fashion choices? Check out Midnight Magic and their tribute to the greatest throwbacks you’ve never heard. You may think of the old Studio 54 when you hear these ostentatious dance songs, but they also represent a resurgence of the fearlessly funky. In case you secretly yearn for the look of a quarter century’s past, check out “Walking The Midnight Streets.”

Norwegian native Hans-Peter Lindstrøm introduces some experimental sounds into the lineup with some mood-shifting melodies made for expanding the mind. His tracks feature a wide range of exotic instruments backed by familiar synths and hooks. From digitally enhanced rock anthems to sparkly renditions of new age grooves, Lindstrøm takes audiences to the next level.

Ghostly International’s Com Truise wowed the club-heads in Seattle earlier this year with what he calls “mid-fi synth-wave, slow-motion funk.” Easy on the ears for the old and young, Com Truise has been making music under a variety of pseudonyms for more than a decade. His unique sounds will take you on an amazing trip—where you want to go is up to you.

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