What Is This Seapunk Business?

Nikki Benson / January 16, 2012
Image Credit: Kevin Heckart

In the age of laptop recording studios and digital releases, there are bound to be micro-genres that pop up by the thousands. Today, we’re going to chat a bit about a virtual fad called “seapunk.”

What is seapunk? A person’s point of reference to the genre will be directly impacted by what year they were born. Nineties babies will hear seapunk and describe it dance electronica that samples old school R&B. Eighties babies will describe it as ‘90s techno, house, rave music that is reminiscent of 18+ clubs where one would have to dress to impress and be home by midnight.

#WEEDTANGCLAN by fireforeffect

Step Into Liquid (It’s A Trap) by fireforeffect

What makes seapunk a unique trend is that the music is the most inconsequential aspect of the micro-genre. What is of consequence is the community that gravitates towards seapunk and how they define themselves in the virtual world. According to Chicago Reader, Albert Redwine and Shan Beaste, who perform as Fire for Effect and Zombelle, founded a digital label and are at the helm of this movement. They throw parties where the young kids come with their hipster-aquatics (turquoise hair, face paint, clothes), utopian thoughts, and whatever it takes to keep them…mentally virile. Online, they mark their tumblr accounts and facebook pages with aquatic, Japanese influenced animations/gifs.

Image Credit: Kevin Heckart

It’s a small community, but it’s active and distinct.

That’s the long and the short of it. It’s hard to imagine that seapunk will pick up much steam as a genre of music—there is nothing musically significant that separates it from what already exists. But if you heard or saw anything in this article sparked some interest, here is where you can find your brethren.

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