Welcome To Doe Bay Benefit Show at Columbia City Theater 11/11

Lindsey Scully / November 10, 2011

Welcome To Doe Bay Benefit Show @ Columbia City Theater | 11/11 | 9pm | $15 (Get Tickets) | All Ages


Image via Welcome To Doe Bay

“The greatest music festival you’ve never heard of” is the tagline for the new documentary titled Welcome To Doe Bay. While it is true that many have not been informed of the magic that is Doe Bay, they will soon after the film at the renowned Sundance Film Festival next year. Doe Bay Festival, at its ripe age of four years, had remarkably sold out of tickets for 2011 in under three minutes of being for sale. While that alone might sound outstanding what is truly impressive is that not a single artist had been announced; Doe Bay had sold out strictly due to its reputation for being one of the most unprecedented music festivals in the world. You can view our recap of the 2011 festival here along with photos and videos of some of the artists.

Photo credit: Lindsey Scully

One thing that really makes people gravitate to Doe Bay is the community vibe; the idea of “One for All, All for One” resonates through not only each artist but each attendee. And this, my friend, is what makes the Welcome To Doe Bay documentary benefit show so perfect. The show is a fundraiser for the upcoming documentary about the music festival and is the epitome of the Doe Bay community with not only previous artists coming to play but also attendees coming to the event to show their support. With the likes of Frank Fairfield, Ben Fisher, Rusty Willoughby (Cobirds Unite) and others performing at this benefit show you can count on a fantastic evening.

Welcome To Doe Bay currently also has a Kickstarter project that will end on December 10 that you can contribute towards.

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