Weekend Selection #21

Colette Pomerleau / June 1, 2018

This weekend selection is melancholy-heavy while balancing dangerously between lo-fi lullabies and pseudo-upbeat pop jams. We’re reluctantly easing into carefree summer. Can you feel it too?

Read and listen on below.

Niki Moss aka Miguel Vilhena is a multi-instrumentalist, founder of the label “pontiaq”, lead vocalist of the psychedelic rock band “Savanna” and producer based out of Portugal. “Soylent Green” is Niki’s debut single; a flashy, catchy, shimmery ode to the end of all things.

For fans of: Julian Casablancas, Panda Bear, Ducktails

Berlin-based four piece Lion Sphere reveal “Keep Dreaming”, the new single from their debut album A Moving Sun. The musicians come from a diversity of backgrounds and upbringings, meshing their own perceptions of funk, prog, art rock and electronic in their own distinct way. “Keep Dreaming” is a whirlwind of an introduction this band, and a convincing argument to keep us tuned in.

For fans of: Homeshake, Mild High Club,Mac DeMarco

It seems obvious to us why this one works so well. Them Swoops literally swooped us in with the upbeat and consistently-paced “Summer Daze”. The Melbourne-based musicians have turned a what-would-be conventional indie hit into a single that lasts and burns into your memory, in a good way.

For fans of: The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Bloc Party

ØYA (translated to isle and eyes) was written and shared as a piece of work to exist “as a place to hang out”. This one’s nearly at four minutes, and that’s nearly four minutes of swaying without stopping. We’re here to hang out with this too.

For fans of:the War On Drugs, Sun Kil Moon, Wray

Our favorite Swedish “melancholic choir-shoegazers” Blod come back with “Social Kannibal”, a faster-moving, upbeat post punk wonder with spacious vocals and all the good things you could ever want.

For fans of: Iceage, Preoccupations, Moaning

Amsterdam-based Outpost Records came out of nowhere and we’re blasting “Ocean Running” inevitably at all block parties, all beach hangs, all river picnics and everything else that’s fitting in between. These distant, haunting vocals somehow balance the typical surfy line that brings this song to life and we’re just waiting for the next sunny chill sesh to blast this one at.

For fans of: Beach Fossils, DIIV, Girls Names

We’re ending this one with a weirdo track and it’s gotta be Fivepaw’s “Fought the Impulse”, their first single from their record that focuses on loneliness and the bleakness of space travel. If this doesn’t inspire you for your initial blueprints for time traveling, then we’re not sure what will.

For fans of: Drinks, Darker My Love, Sic Alps

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