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“We Go Harder Than Y’all”: Scribes’ New Single “Monster”

Joe Gustav / January 13, 2011

Seattle rapper Scribes voices the frustrating discrepancy between making it in music and making music of depth on “Monster,” the first single off his forthcoming project What Was Lost. Judging from this track, one could assume the new LP will seek to recapture that most essential element of hip-hop that is much too often buried in favor of a clean sheen: ripping mics (actually, it refers to when his studio was broken into, all the original masters taken, and having to record again from scratch).

“Wantin’ cheese / But I really want the songs to change,” he rhymes on the chorus, recognizing that change often comes from within. The establishment will not shift so greatly (or willingly) from outside forces as it will from an inner movement, and so Scribes co-opts elements from more well-known songs and artists that fit his mold of good rap to show them how it should be done. The song title from Kanye’s ode to spitting tough, a flow eerily akin to that of Eminem (down to the “liquid in jail” line and likening of rap to drugs for kids), and Keak da Sneak’s famous chorus to “That’s My Word” are subverted by the “Roll My Way” emcee over a bouncy Bean One production to form an exercise in showing off lyrical chops through big-d*ck braggadocio and skilled wordplay.

“Monster” guest JFK, otherwise known as Ninja Face of Grayskul, does his own thing and kicks his gear into straight Marshawn Lynch-level beast mode, a tongue-twisting tongue lashing that certainly backs up his claim that “we go harder than y’all.” The two artists rap for the sake of rapping and do it quite well, giving shine to elements in mainstream rap that are only on display a select few times. There is good to be found in the oft-vilified commercial sector; that good just needs to be at the forefront of what is driving the hip-hop business machine.

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