Video Poll: The Naked and Famous vs. Son Lux

Nikki Benson / November 1, 2013

The Naked and Famous vs. Son Lux

The Naked and Famous and Son Lux have both released videos this week that are eerily similar.

Directed by big guns Joel Kefali, The Naked and Famous’ video for “I Kill Giants” is an amazing, oddly creepy video of youthful, virginal-looking girls dancing as mirror images in a culty church-like venue as nondescript people in the audience leer. The beautiful shapes of movement become mesmerized as they start moving in reverse; swirling hair, dresses, limbs, oh my! But their eyes…what’s happening with their eyes???

Choreographed and directed by Jennifer McQuiston Lott, featuring the visual effects work of Anthony Ciannamea, Son Lux’s “Lost it to Trying” takes a different approach to two figures doing an interpretive dance. In this case, we have a more adult-looking male and female. Rather than mirroring each other’s movements, they’re in a dance with each other. Instead of it being in an organic setting, the video is an intergalactic schmorgasboard of filters and layers.

Watch them both, then weigh in on which one is the best!

The Naked and Famous:

Son Lux:

Who wins the avant garde interpretive dance video contest?

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