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Watch: China Davis — “Anjilla”

Jean Kennedy / March 8, 2013
China Davis Arctic Days Album Art - Image courtesy China Davis Facebook
China Davis Arctic Days Album Art – Image courtesy China Davis Facebook


The new video “Anjilla” by China Davis is an intimate look into tempest-tossed nostalgia for a bygone era, when one could make an honest living from work that was inherently meaningful. It is the meaningful work of honest hearts who hail from Gig Harbor, the fishing town-cum-suburban bedroom community tucked away across the bay from Tacoma. Their humble roots and compassionate sense of injustice are projected through the body of their work in spirit and message. In addition to writing poetic, socially conscious lyrics, they organize and perform charitable concert fundraisers for Music Giving Back. Nice guys with a genuine sound who walk the walk and talk the talk with equal grace, their music is reminiscent of some ‘boss’ blue-collar bands that made it big in the 70s-80s, filtered down through 90s Seattle anomie and sweetened liberally with a live and let live attitude. Two of China Davis’ four members, Ben and Ted Fuller, are brothers, and there is clearly a lot of very personal sentiment ensconced in the fruit of their labor.

Of the song’s title and video, frontman Ben Fuller explains, “Anjilla was the name of my Grandpa Smith’s fishing boat, named after my cousin Angela and my sister Jill. This video is mostly my parent’s home movies and I tried to make it flow as well as I could. I hope you all like it, it’s really something different.”

My favorite lyric:

“Hear the ghost’s voices echo on the wind/ All the singers you used to love, all dead men/ You look off to the starboard side and you realize you’ve never looked that way/ You still believe in Heaven’s gates but it’s not too late to change your mind”

Watch the video and stay posted for the release of their upcoming album, Arctic Days.


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