Watch: Blake Noble — “Perpetual Leader” Video Premiere

Lindsey Scully / December 21, 2012
Blake Noble - Photo credit: Beth Crook
Blake Noble – Photo credit: Beth Crook

Blake Noble has been preparing for Doomsday since 2011, when his debut album Music For the End of the World was released. When December 21, 2012 began creeping up and the talk of the Mayan calendar was all anyone could hear, Noble decided to take matters into his own hands. The Australian musician decided to create a post-apocalyptic music video to coincide with the End of the World.

“Perpetual Leader” is his first single off his upcoming sophomore album Underdog, which will be released in Spring 2013. The video follows Noble as a lone survivor in a post-apocalyptic world. The nomad carries his guitar, didgeridoo, and some basic camping equipment while he journeys to find other life, which he soon encounters. The nighttime performance in front of a campfire is gorgeous and the string arrangements in the song bring an ethereal tone alongside the didgeridoo. Noble’s percussive guitar skills are impressive, even more so around the climax of “Perpetual Leader”. If today was the last day of Earth, this is one song to go out listening to.


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