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Vlek Records Releases Instruments Builder for iPad

Sarah Anne Lloyd / March 12, 2012
Image courtesy of Vlek

Belgian label Vlek has announced their latest project: Beatsurfing, a tactile, intuitive instruments builder available for the iPad. iOS is no stranger to touch-based, graphic, music-making interfaces — think Brian Eno projects Bloom and Trope, or Rain — but this appears to have an unprecedented amount of fine-tuned control. Instead of a fun game, a source of inspiration, or something mildly enriching to space out to, Beatsurfing aspires to be a fully-functional tool, combining a customizable interface with powerful module options, taking the novelty out of iOS music-makers.

So you can get a sense of the app, Vlek posted this pretty tantalizing teaser image of the interface to their Facebook page:

Image courtesy of Vlek

The bottom line is this: you build your virtual instruments in the configuration and shape best fits your needs in their drag-and-mod interface. Then you go nuts making beats on the bus, on the train, in bed, whatever.

So far Vlek’s been pretty clandestine about the release, so specific specifications and examples are not yet available — although a video will be available soon on their Vimeo channel. But in the meantime, if this sounds like exactly the app you’ve been waiting for, you can enroll in the beta program here.

Or you can just keep drooling at the pretty pictures that it makes until it gets a wider release.

Image courtesy of Vlek

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