Video Premiere: NAVVI — “Weekends”

Nikki Benson / November 20, 2013


Seattle electro-pop duo NAVVI has just introduced themselves with a two song self-released debut on October 23, 2013. Now, less than a month later, they’re giving SSG Music the privilege of premiering their first video. With all of this action, they’re creating a buzz.

There is a lot to love about “Weekends.” Expertly crafted, it takes the listener through a hazy wonderland of ambience, reverb, warm, fly-away vocals, and delicately placed drum tracks. The video complement walks the viewer through an intimate view of Seattle at night–dark, rich landscapes twinkling with the lights of the city streets. Both very simple in their presentation, the song and the video create an allure, an answer wanting to me known to the question, “Who is NAVVI?”

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