Video Interview with God Is an Astronaut

Nikki Benson / August 24, 2011
Image via God Is An Astronaut

Before the God Is an Astronaut set last Tuesday, I had the chance to chat with Torsten Kinsella, Michael Fenton, and Jamie Dean backstage. We talked about how God Is an Astronaut was the de facto start of SSG Music, what’s next for the band, the meaning behind the visuals, their favorite snacks, and a whole lot more; I even got Jamie Dean to do some accents for us—very cute!

Since a God Is an Astronaut piece was the content that rolled out SSG Music as a website, it’s only fitting that we roll out our new HD video interview format with them. Instead of having one long interview, you can choose the segments that you’re most interested in, watch those, and get back to whatever you were doing. We hope you enjoy, and please visit God is an Astronaut’s live review post to see photos and videos from the set.

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2 thoughts on “Video Interview with God Is an Astronaut

  1. God is an Astronaut…… by Paco Lena.

    Truth in art is the unity of a thing with itself: the outward rendered expressive of the inward: the soul made incarnate: the body instinct with spirit.

    I believe that God is an Astronaut are a band which stand in symbolic relations to the art and culture of this century. They have cultivated the perfect pearl from a sea of dross and bottom-line pop monsters and cynical imitation. They are freedom in the shape of a band, and gift their audience with an opportunity, via their inspirational music and presentation, to explore their own horizons – belief, sadness, excitement, joy and celebration.

    This is what I mean when I say they afford us ‘symbolic relations to art and culture’. They give us a chance to see ourselves as art, in all our glory. The music, above all, marks a pathway to fulfilment and joy. It also describes the pathway to escape mundane situations and fill our moments with challenge; to reach that point of completion, that we know lies within us all.

    God is an Astronaut simply say to its audience; here it is, make of it what you will. We will help you reach your goals: now as you listen and join in, but also later when it plays back in your soul.

    This is what sets them aside from the mainstream and presents them as pure artistic form. They deliver both in the quality of the music itself and in their abundant energy in its presentation. What I witnessed in Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco and The renowned Troubador in LA, convinced me I was in the presence of something very unique and special.

    Jamie Dean, Torsten Kinsella, Niels Kinsella and Michael Fenton are genuine artists. As a collective, they are unrivalled. As God is an Astronaut they rule.

    Long may that reign prosper.


    ps. Ventures like SSG Music and interviews and interviewers like Nikki Benson, add a whole new dimension to the proliferation of ‘the artistic form’ I was writing about, and in no small way contribute to the ‘art’ itself. Keep up your good work.

    Paco Lena.

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