Ty Segall @ Neumos 12/11!

Julie Cochran / December 10, 2012

Neumos and KEXP Present: Ty Segall with Night Beats and Sand Rider @ Neumos | 12/11 | 8pm | $12 (get tickets!)

Photo courtesy of Neumos

This has been a busy year for San Francisco garage rocker Ty Segall. The artist has released three different albums under three slightly different monikers. In chronological order, May saw the release of Hair, a collaboration with White Fence, June saw the release of Slaughterhouse from the Ty Segall Band, and Twins came out about a two months ago. Each album is marked with sonic characteristics that have become the artist’s signature: heavy riffs, catchy melodies, and layers of psychedelic fuzz.  Amidst these thirty plus songs, there are a number of high points, few low points, and plenty of solid material in between. “The Hill”—a standout from Twins—opens with hypnotic choral chanting from Thee Oh See’s Brigid Dawson before Segall pitches in on the first verse and and steals the song away. “You’re the Doctor” and “Thank God for Sinners” tread familiar ground with Segall channelling his best John Lennon impression and fast-paced verse-chorus song structure reminiscent of the White Stripes.

Around the time Twins was released, Segall hit the late night circuit, first playing on Conan O’Brian in mid-October and about a month ago, taking the stage for David Letterman. After finishing “You’re the Doctor” on Letterman, Segall did his part to motivate his followers by concluding the performance with the following call to action: “GO VOTE.” Earlier this year at Bumbershoot, he closed his set with some encouraging words for the Seahawks.  This on stage banter is one of the many elements to look forward to about Segall’s live performance—he always seems to put time and thought into assessing how best to capitalize on his moments in the spotlight with some choice statements addressing sports, culture, or politics.

Despite how worn out they may be after a year of crazy touring and press, Ty Segall and his backing band still manage to bring the kind of crazed energy and magnetism that makes for a great show. Local trio Night Beats open and duo Sand Riders are the openers for the evening.

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