Treefort’s Punn-iest Bands

Aaron Sharpsteen / March 6, 2019

Most of us are currently tied to the bed of existence with the ropes of post-modernism, subjected to an unrelenting stream of non-sequitur information that refuses to fit into any narrative. Treefort, now in its 8th year, is no different, offering up a ridiculous amount of bands to see and spaces to explore in a 5 day span. While a more comprehensive engagement plan is forthcoming, for now it is time to focus on bands that have chosen names which reference other phenomena in a clever(ish) way, as that obsession with textual reference is one of the hallmarks of the post-modern milieu. And also some of them are hilarious. For a historical reference point, see 90’s hardcore weirdos Cream Abdul Babar.

Prism Bitch
Reference: Prison Bitch
What: Kind of dark, reference wise (as state-imprisoned sex slaves usually are depressing subject matter), Prism Bitch combines punk and rock riffs with surf and pop harmonies.
When: Prism Bitch plays twice at Treefort. Their high energy is probably going to go over a bit better after midnight at the Shredder on Friday when everyone is fucked up (let’s be honest) but they also play at 6  the same evening at Pre-funk Beer Bar if you want to pre-game Friday night with them.

Flint Eastwood
Reference: Clint Eastwood
What: Flint Eastwood started as a rock quartet but is now a synth-pop project helmed by artist Jax Anderson, who has earned a reputation for engaging live performances and the ability to meld several influences together into something new.
When: Flint Eastwood performs at 10:50 on Friday at El Korah.

George Washing Machine
Reference: uhh…George Washington?
What: George Washing Machine is a huge band (one band photo on Facebook has 11 people in it, the other has 9) of children, 3-5 of whom are drummers. Of course, I am old, so when I say “children” I mean anyone under the age of 18. None of the people in the band photo look a day over 13. The music is as straightforward as a 9-11 piece band of 13 year olds with multiple drummers can be.
When: George Washing Machine plays at 5 p.m. Saturday at the Boise All-ages Movement Project.

Urban Outfielders
Reference: Urban Outfitters
What: A pop-punk group that mainly sings about baseball, with some Sandlot references. Because we can’t let the 90’s die?
When: Urban Outfielders play at 12:10 a.m. on Sunday night at Tom Grainey’s.

The Moody Jews (of Boise)
Reference: The Moody Blues
What: I honestly can’t believe anyone is getting away with this, even if every single member of the band is Jewish. Their latest album is literally titled Jewsday Afternoon. The music is upbeat klezmer with elements of funk and jazz and Yiddish lyrics.
When: The Moody Jews play at 8 p.m. on Wednesday at Pengilly’s Saloon.

Reference: Beethoven
What: Portlander Maya Bon crafts introspective and down tempo soft pop songs. Probably the most relaxing artist on this list.
When: Babehoven plays at 7 p.m. on Friday at the Boise All-ages Movement Project.

Shrug Dealer
Reference: drug dealer
What: Shrug Dealer combine straightforward street punk with occasional angular post-punk riffs and group backing vocals. Potential for crowd-surfing and moshing extremely high.
When: Shrug Dealer play at 9 p.m. on Sunday at Tom Grainey’s.

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