Treefort Music Fest Interview: The Spyrals

Lindsey Scully / April 2, 2012
Photo credit: Lindsey Scully

The San Francisco-based trio The Spyrals caught up with us at a bar a little before they had to take the stage at the Crux across the street. While they all three appeared pretty quiet at first they opened up a bit more about how they met, their musical influences, and an upcoming vinyl release.

The Spyrals is made up of Jeff Lewis, Brandon Wurtz, and Elliott Kiger. The Spyrals began like a lot of bands do, through Craigslist. The guys joke around about how The Spyrals is actually just three band members kidnapped from other bands, but their sound makes you believe they have been playing together for decades. Upon hearing The Spyrals for the first time you would initially believe you were listening to an album from the early ’70s psychedelic rock era where deep throaty vocals meet guitar pedals and heavy bass lines. The Spyrals named Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bo Diddley and many others as some of their influences for their 60’s and 70’s rock sound.



The trio did mention that they are working on a new album and are concentrating on songs that “accentuate the grooviness.” While all previous albums have been self-released, The Spyrals joined forces with Mock Records, who will be releasing their next’ album on vinyl at a launch party in May. You can stream their new album on their Bandcamp page here.

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