Treefort Music Fest Interview: Dedicated Servers

Lindsey Scully / April 2, 2012
Photo credit: Lindsey Scully

We sat down with the Boise-based hip-hop duo Dedicated Servers at a bustling coffee shop to talk about how they came to be the Dedicated Servers and what inspired their concept album Samurai Servers.

Matt Dixon and Dave Boutdy met while in junior high when one fateful day Dave came to class late and ended up taking an empty seat next to Matt. Their love of nerd culture, including what planet Luke Skywalker was from, brought them together as friends which eventually led them to create Dedicated Servers. The group as began as a joke for another friend’s birthday party, when Dixon and Boutdy created an original birthday rhyme for their friend that ended up being more of a joking diss. While they claim their friend did not quite appreciate it as much, it did lead the duo to create more songs and eventually an album.

One interesting album Dedicated Servers have put out was a concept album titled Samurai Servers, based on the popular anime series Samurai Champloo. Samurai Servers included snippets of the popular anime series dialogue and also soundtrack pieces. The hip-hop duo has the album up on their Bandcamp page as a free download, along with their most recent release, The Finest EP. The EP was released in February and features six songs, some of which we captured on video at their Treefort performance, which you can read about here.



Another song of theirs you might have seen floating around the Internet is “Paleo.” Yes, as in the diet. The duo were going to college and also working and told us they didn’t have time to work out. When they heard of the Paleo diet they decided to pursue it and Dixon shared with us how he lost over 90 pounds doing so. The Paleo diet is where a person would commit to eating only what a caveman would have had access to, so no refined sugars, coffee, dairy, or pizza. Boutdy admitted that Sno-cones and pizza were some of the harder items to give up and Dixon mentioned that he was semi-Paleo since he couldn’t give up his love of green beans.



Dedicated Servers are working on a new album but also have a few free downloads on their website along with their EP and other albums you can purchase by clicking here.

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