Treefort Music Fest: Day 4 in Photos and Video

Lindsey Scully / April 2, 2012

Below are quick recaps of the various shows SSG Music staff attended while at Treefort Music fest. We also have put over 40 different videos from these shows on our Youtube channel, which you can watch and subscribe to by clicking here. SSG Music was able to snag a few quick interviews with some of these bands as well, make sure to check out those posts!



Bellingham-based Learning Team brought down the house at Neurolux on Sunday. For a band playing at the same time as the well-known Tennis, Learning Team sure did have a large crowd and also a large amount of ladies in the front row dancing. Learning Team puts on an incredibly energetic show with every member jumping or bouncing at some point during the set. The quintet features drums, two guitarists, a bassist, and a cello. The guitarists bounce between guitar, keys, bass, and even banjo making for a unique setup and sound. Learning Team produces a collective folk vibe while also creating dream-pop sounds.



Denver-based Sauna brought the new wave surf-punk to Boise. Although all four members are under 20, the wide array of talent they each have would have fooled you into thinking they are quite older. Sauna consists of guitar, bass, keys/organ, and drums. Sauna is yet another band that played Treefort with a female drummer that rocked it. The group had a variety of styles, but were mainly focused on surf-rock with a slight punk twist. One song that stood out from all others was “Croctopus,” which follows in the footsteps of “Rock Lobster” by  The B-52s , whom Sauna has opened up for. While the crowd was dismal, since many were at the headlining show of Montreal, even Tennis‘ Alaina Moore made it out to the show and stood front and center. The connection between Sauna and Tennis runs deep; the group has opened for Tennis and now uses Moore’s old Casio organ.



One of the more surprising acts was The Shivas, a Portland-based quartet. At first glance you anticipate the group to perform shoegaze numbers but instead right off the bat you are hit with retro guitar sounds, deep bass lines, tribal drums and constant up tempos. The group creates ’70s rock mixed with snippets of surf-rock that almost mimic Dick Dale-era guitar riffs. The Shivas are the last band of Treefort Music Fest that we saw that had a female drummer, and Kristin Leonard is absolutely fantastic at it. The Shivas were kind enough to sit down with SSG Music for a quick interview on Sunday, so make sure to check out that interview and learn about how long they each were playing instruments before The Shivas.

Overall, the inaugural Treefort Music Fest was a smashing success. Every encounter with staff members or volunteers was pleasant, not to mention that every artist seemed to be very much enjoying themselves at the festival. The only qualm about the festival was the ridiculous amount of wristbands we had to wear (weekend total of nine) and also the amount of incredible shows that were going on at the same time. In the memorable words of Daniel Blue (Motopony), “Boise, Idaho: Mark my words. This fest has changed your town. You’re never gonna be the same after this s***.”


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