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Treefort 2013: Gentleman Surfer

Melissa Essig / April 2, 2013
Gentleman Surfer | Photo Credit: Melissa Essig
Gentleman Surfer | Photo Credit: Melissa Essig

Gentleman Surfer aren’t sure to fill everyone’s cup. But do not let their name dismay. Out of Sacramento, these five boys sound nothing like gentleman nor do they offer a surf kind of anything. From their perfect cutoffs, to their various tempos, and their ability of impeccable unison, the entire venue was flustered with questions during their Treefort Fest set. They’ve got talent. It takes a plethora of skill to be a good musician, let alone master the confluence of semi-scream and movement (both physical and musical). It is something that a rare few can master.

What started as a solo project for Jon Bafus is now a full-fledged living, breathing band. It seems ironic to say that they were a breath of fresh air, but it’s true. The room collectively let off some of that teenage angsty steam (or whatever you wish to call it) and it was quite a beautiful thing.

Though the band shouldn’t be classified as either punk or rock and roll, it was evident they are influenced by both. Towards the end of the set, the drummer randomly said, “I just met these guy on the highway today and was like ‘Hey wanna start a band?’ And here we are.”

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