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Treefort 2013: Clarke & The Himselfs

Melissa Essig / April 2, 2013
Clarke & The Himselfs | Photo Credit: Melissa Essig
Clarke & The Himselfs | Photo Credit: Melissa Essig

Clarke & The Himselfs is the ongoing solo project of Boise-native Clarke Howell. This was one the whole room was hypothetically sitting on the edge of their seats for (in reality we were all standing). The name of his project is more than fitting. Coming into the set I had ideas about what it was going to be like. While other solo projects use technology that loops instruments so they can play multiple at once, Howell is raw and real. He played the guitar and drums and sang all at once. No looping. No technological tricks.

With a bit of distortion in his voice and his long gorgeous locks, Howell was a sight and sound for sore eyes and ears. His entire body was working it. In the middle of his set he sang the lyrics: “I’m just a lonely cabin boy.” At that moment estrogen levels in the room went up as it got hot and heavy.

During the last few songs Howell sang of asteroids, outer space, the universe, Satan and God. He explored the unknown and the untouchable while making you want to follow him wherever he goes–even into the dark.

Closing out his set with “Toxic” Howell floundered and after about 30 seconds into the song he said, “Wait let’s try that again.” THe crowd laughed and no one held it against him for starting over. In fact, it earned him more respect in our book.¬†Clarke & The Himselfs offered straight talent with thought-provoking ease.

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