Tonight In Music: Jon Hopkins w/ Teebs, Nordic Soul @ The Crocodile

Allen Huang / July 23, 2014
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Jon Hopkins w/ Teebs, Nordic Soul @ The Crocodile | 9PM | 21+ | $17

It’s almost perfect that Jon Hopkins found tutelage under the venerable Brian Eno. Hopkins is the latest in a rare breed. An excellent composer and completist, Hopkins has the mind for high art and the ear for pop, much like Eno does. Hopkins already brought his show to Seattle once, back in November, but Decibel sure does love its encore presentations, especially for artists as talented as Hopkins. Hopkins is sure to flutter through a wide array of styles and textures, some scary some beautiful.

Along for the ride is Teebs, the emotional, shimmering, subtle member of LA’s Brainfeeder family. Teebs melodic compositions seek to fill every nook and cranny of the ear’s dynamic range, surging forth and falling away in the syncopated, jazzy fashion that LA’s beatmasters are known to do.

The two of them on the same bill might be too much beauty to handle.

Additional support by Decibel Festival founder Nordic Soul.


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