Tonight in Seattle: Winter Solstice Swing, Oxbow

Gabriel Arguelles / December 17, 2011

Burning Hearts Burlesque Presents: Winter Solstice Swing! Featuring Live Burlesque Blues Revue and Live Music by Izzy Zaidman & The Catastrophics, Angie & The Car Wrecks, The Skablins, Plus Special Guests & Surprises @ El Corazon | 12/17 | 9pm | $10 Get Tickets Here | 21+


What better way to warm up your mid-December blues than almost-nudity, loud music, and copious amounts of alcohol? The thing to do is to head out to El Corazon for what will surely be a wild party featuring some of Seattle’s most charming ladies and ska, punk, and rockabilly bands, both local and from around the country.

Infinite Productions presents: Scratch Acid, Oxbow @ Neumos | 12/17 | 8pm | $20 Adv. Get Tickets Here | 21+

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Ever seen Henry Rollins interviewed about Black Flag? He gets a faraway look in his eyes for a second, then it’s replaced with all the confidence in the world: “We were the the heaviest band in the land.”

Enter Oxbow, the living, breathing embodiment of what Rollins thought Black Flag was. What Rollins meant the Rollins band to be, only more experimental, more improvisational. More venomous. Eugene Robinson and company seethe, sometimes literally, every time they take the stage. They’re more confrontational than most and really an unstoppable live band. Mind your manners if you’re within Robinson’s (author of Fight: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ass-Kicking but Were Afraid You’d Get Your Ass Kicked for Asking) sight; he’s been known to deal with audience disrespect directly and physically.

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