Tonight in Seattle : The Pica Beats, Gang Gang Dance, Nick Lowe, The Golden Blondes, Los Headaches, Dead Man, and more

Chris Green / October 14, 2011

The days are grey and growing increasingly short. Mother nature is telling you that you should be seeking shelter from the cold and drizzle inside of a warm bar full of like-minded souls listening to live music. [Tonight], Seattle’s venues have plenty of choices on offer.

The Pica Beats, Cumulus, Matt Badger (Ravenna Woods), Ole Tinder @ The Comet Tavern | 10/14 | 9pm | $7 at the Door | 21+

Preview by Nikki Benson

Photo by: Andrew Waits

The Pica Beats are playing at the Comet Tavern [tonight], and they’re stronger than ever. They have just released their third LP, Better in Color, and it is psychedelic, indie-pop magic.  Levi Fuller, SSG Music staffer, founder of the Ball of Wax quarterly compilation and blog commented “it’s the finest, most fully realized expression yet of Ryan’s songwriting, production, and arranging prowess, and the understated precision of his band.” You can read his full review here. People who enjoy Interpol and creative, minimalist retro-rock will really enjoy the Pica Beats fully matured sound. It’s going to be a fun show.

Matt Badger of Ravenna Woods will also be on hand, playing his third show as a guitar toting singer/songwriter. They grow up so fast. Samuel Miller and August Hunter Johnson of Jenny Invert will be accompanying Badger on piano and drums, and who knows, they might even bring a bass player. Badger will likely have an Elliott Smith or Arcade Fire cover on hand, but keep your ears perked for those heartfelt originals—he has some things to say!



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Neumos presents: Gang Gang Dance, Prince Rama, Stephanie @ Neumos | 10/14 | doors at 8pm | $13 ADV (buy tickets) | 21+

Photo by Aylin

Preview by Bertie Magit

One thing is for certain: Gang Gang Dance has a very unique sound. Usually, it is easy to explain one band’s music by relating it to another, more recognizable band. Not Gang Gang Dance. This experimental group creates a mixture of very original sounds, propelling themselves past musical boundaries into the previously unknown. One way to understand Gang Gang Dance’s music would be to call it “tribal-futurism.” If Avatar 2 featured a massive Na’vi dance party on Pandora, Gang Gang Dance would be the perfect headlining band. Gang Gang Dance has existed since the early 2000’s and has played all over the world. Their performances are always changing and always mesmerizing. Because their music is so versatile, Gang Gang Dance has played in almost every kind of venue and has experienced a huge variety of crowds. One of their Seattle shows even ended in a riot! Clearly, this is not show to miss. Gang Gang Dance will be playing at Neumos on October 14 with support from Prince Rama and Stephanie. Prince Rama is from Brooklyn, New York and combines sounds of the future with the past like Gang Gang Dance without the tribal element. Seattle band Stephanie ads a touch of visual futurism to jam, garage type music.



Nick Lowe, Special Guest @ The Triple Door | 10/14 | $25 adv Get Tickets Here $30 DOS | All Ages

Photo via Nick Lowe's Facebook page

Preview by Gabriel Arguelles

Every week on the ‘the BBC’s flagship movie podcast’ Kermode and Mayo’s Film Reviews, both the host Simon Mayo and critic Mark Kermode end the show by naming their album of the week. Every week, their album of the week is by Nick Lowe, either Jesus of Cool or, more recently, The Old Magic. The British love Nick Lowe. The US, sadly, doesn’t seem to know him all that well, beyond 1979’s single “Cruel to be Kind” having produced a few strong>Elvis Costello records. The Old Magic, Nick Lowe’s 13th album, celebrates his 61st year with thoughtful, sometimes somber songs about heartbreak, getting old, and “Checkout Time.” While a good portion of it features Lowe strumming away on an acoustic guitar on his own, much of the record is lively and has a full band that wears its Johnny Cash (Lowe’s one-time father in law) influences on its proverbial sleeve. Lowe, who has recorded everything from new wave to pop-rock over his five-decade career, has re-invented himself as a crooner over the last ten years. He shows no signs of stopping, even if his most recent songs sometimes address aging and death.


The Golden Blondes, Pipsisewah, Dude York @ Columbia City Theater | 10/14 | 9pm | $5 (Tickets at door) | 21+

[Tonight], the Columbia City Theater (a very nice venue IMHO) brings you 3 fine sets of gritty local rock that should shake the rafters and get your blood pumping.The Golden Blondes play raw rock that mixes mixes both pop and garage-y sounds. They played a high energy set at the Tractor earlier this week as part of the Decibel Fest, and their debut recording (double 7″ vinyl !) is available from Per Se RecordsPipsisewah’s unusual name comes from a character in the Uncle Wiggly series of children’s books (amazing the things you can learn from a google search), but there’s nothing childish about their hard driving brand of sweaty, guitar-driven rock and roll, which is full of irresistible ’70s-ish riffs. This show celebrates the release of their debut 7″, which will be available at the show.

Rounding out this night is power-duo Dude York, who play who play jangly, noisy power-pop,  with perhaps a little touch of Stones-ish psych.



Los Headaches, The Drove, Aurora Roarers, Radio Shark @ The Funhouse | 10/14 | Doors at 9:30pm | $6 at the door | 21+

Image via Reverbnation

Los Headaches hail from Mexico City and play catchy rock (in both Spanish and English) that moves between an old-school pop-punk sound reminiscent of what a Hispanic Shonen Knife might sound like, and heavier blues-y garage rock (including a cover of the Stooges “Raw Power”).



Hondo II, Dead Man, John & Kirsten of the Black Crabs @ Slim’s Last Chance | 10/14 | 9pm  | 21+

Image via Reverbnation

I first heard of Seattle’s Dead Man when I saw them opening for Reverend Deadeye a couple of weeks back, and was quite impressed. This blues duo’s album is fittingly titled filthy blues, and their live set featured pounding drums, heavy slide guitar blues-rock riffs, and reverby growling vocals.



Other choices tonight include San Francisco’s The Mother Hips at the Tractor, acoustic folk-rock from singer-songwriter Mason Jennings at the Neptune Theater, and a fine lineup of local rockabilly and punk headed up by The Hot Roddin’ Romeos (“Seattle’s sleaziest rock and roll”) at El Corazon.  And, any drummers looking for a humbling experience might want to check out the Decrepit Birth show at Studio Seven:



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