Hot! Tonight in Seattle: Peter Wolf Crier, Laff Hole: Who Charted? ft. Sir Mix-A-Lot

Posted by on November 2nd, 2011 at 8:30 AM

Peter Wolf Crier, Birds & Batteries and more @ The Tractor Tavern | 11/02 | $8 | 21+

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Peter Wolf Crier is one of those acts who did exactly what they wanted to do, and they risked alienating most of their fans to do it. When Jagjaguwar released Inter-Be in mid-2010, folk music fans thought they had found their a new band to call their own. Inter-Be was a popular debut–one that received love from music fans and critics all around. After a year and a half of aggressively touring and playing the album live, Peter Wolf Crier released Garden of Arms, an album largely played by the same duo on the previous record, but one with an entirely different sound. Garden of Arms, a denser, more complicated album made up of rock songs, has had a polarizing effect. Some fans of the band will eventually put it in their top ten lists for 2011, and some definitely won’t. Going electric worked out for at least one popular folk act, only time will tell how Peter Wolf Crier’s creative decision will affect them. In the mean time, you can catch them tonight at the Tractor. Surely tonight’s set will contain songs from both incarnations of the band.

People’s Republic of Komedy present Laff Hole! ft. Who Charted? with Sir Mix-a-Lot @ Chop Suey | 11/02 | 9pm | $10 adv. Get Tickets Now $15 DOS | 21+

Preview by: Gabriel Argulles


Who Charted? featuring Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack is one of the more popular podcasts on the Earwolf podcast network, home of such shows as Comedy Bang Bang, How did this Get Made? and Skarbro Country. The premise behind Who Charted? is “taking aim at the top charters in music, movies and more.” They discuss whoever is on top with each week’s guest, and it all results in a pretty free-wheeling conversation that often will have nothing to do with music or movies themselves (see Conan O’Brien sidekick Andy Ricter, for example, discussing the work of Tom of Finland and transvaginal mesh). Other past guests include Zach Galifianakis, Jimmy Pardo, and two of the headliners from this April’s legendary World’s Biggest Laff Hole, Moshe Kasher and Chris Fairbanks.

This week, on their first ever live show, Kremer and Vilaysack will have Sir Mix-A-Lot as their guest, so the audience will be able to to watch Mix-a-lot respond to Kremer’s hilariously asinine questions and see where he stands on whoever is at the top of the charts right now, be they Billboard or movie charts.

Also, make sure to check out hilarious and lovely Kulap on this week’s episode of Jordan, Jesse GO!

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