Tonight in Seattle: Lower Dens, The Tempers, Justin Townes Earle and more!

Bebe Besch / July 6, 2012

Justin Townes Earle, Tristen Gaspadarek @ The Showbox at the Market | 7/6 | 8p.m. | $23 (Get Tickets) | 21+

Photo courtesy of Justin Townes Earle’s Facebook page

Coming off the release of his recent album Nothing’s Gonna Change The Way You Feel About Me Now, American songwriter Justin Townes Earle will be taking the stage at The Showbox at the Market tonight. With the new album, Earle expresses his artistic evolution by thinking “it’s the job of the artist to be in transition and constantly learning more. The new record is completely different than my last one, Harlem River Blues. This time I’ve gone in a Memphis-soul direction.” It’s true – soul inspirations come through on Nothing’s Gonna Change The Way You Feel About Me Now, and you can hear so for yourself at The Showbox tonight.

Opening for Earle is Tristen Gaspadarek (known simply as “Tristen”) who, while from Chicago, has been taking over Nashville with her 2011 debut Charlatans At The Garden Gate. Tristen was named one of Spin’s “Artists to Watch,” calling her album addictive while “making a splash with its impassioned lyrics and hooky guitar pop that blends country, rockabilly, rock’n’roll, girl group sounds, and introspective balladry — the result of Trisetn’s expansive study of pop music.”

The Tempers, Ononos, Fame Riot (previously Moonjuice), DJ Ozma Otacaya @ The Comet Tavern | 7/6 | 9p.m. | $7 at the door | 21+

Poster via the Tempers

Preview by Nikki Benson:

The Tempers are slated to play a fabulously kooky CD release party tomorrow night at The Comet Tavern.

The Tempers are a three piece band of siblings (Corina Bakker [vocals], James Bakker [synth] and Chalia Bakker [drums]). They compose music that sounds like a 1980s fantasy horror musical. Most of their tunes urge the listener to start dancing while simultaneously bringing the inner-kooky out of each and every. Tomorrow night, they’ll be celebrating the self-release of their second offering, Together We Are The Love Vortex, a five song EP.

Those who are fans of The Knife might hear similar aesthetics in the Tempers casio dance syths, Corina Bakker’s accent and some of her darker, boomier vocal filters. Although a familiar sound, the Tempers do a fine job of composing original ideas; their work is strong enough to be memorable on its own merit.

Listen to “You Must Be Crazy”, the lead single off their new record, below.

Lower Dens, No Joy, Alan Resnick @ Neumos | 7/6 | $12 (Get Tickets) | Doors 8p.m. | 21+

Photo courtesy of the Windish Adjency

With Baltimore-based Lower Dens’ sophomore release Nootropics, you’ll find the best shoegaze album of the year thus far. Dark atmospheres and intriguing instrumentals are combined with the vocals of Jana Hunter resulting in their unique form of eerie pop. Lower Dens’ being different works in their favor – many outlets are praising the work on Nootropics, including SSG Music’s Justin Spicer, who rewarded the album an 8.9. In Justin’s words, the album “is uniquely infectious and rhythmically challenging, never giving up one derivative for the other.” Lower Dens’ live performance is sure to be nothing short of devine with so many influential elements in their bag of tricks, and though there are many options in Seattle for concert going this Friday night, you’d be smart to choose their performance at Neumos.

Joining Lower Dens will be Montreal’s pop outlet No Joy, as well as the conceptual and funky visual artist Alan Resnick – you certainly won’t want to miss this distinct performance.

Project Lionheart, Thione Diop and Yeke Yeke & Blue Tracks The Crocodile | 7/6 | $10 (Get Tickets) | 8p.m. | 21+

Photo courtesy of Project Lionheart

While there is folk and synth-pop melodies flowing out of other Seattle venues this Friday, The Crocodile will be hosting a local hip-hop outlet under the name Project Lionheart. Their blend of hip hop is spiced up with members with various backgrounds including genres spanning from Punk Rock to West African percussion, all structured around the vocals of emcee and front man Caleb Cunningham. The project’s name is a true testament to the group’s passion and flair for activism found on each of their albums. Continuing the musical excursions with Project Lionheart will be openers Thione Diop and Yeke Yeke and Blue Tracks.

The Sound on the Sound presents: Bryan John Appleby, Pure Bathing Culture The Columbia City Theater | 7/6 | $10 (Get Tickets) | 9p.m. | 21+

Photo courtesy of Bryan John Appleby’s Facebook page

Local folk musician Bryan John Appleby is quite familiar with the Columbia City Theater’s stage, and this Friday he will be gracing it once more.  Tomorrow night marks Appleby’s first official concert in Seattle (besides a KEXP performance) since February when he opened for Damien Jurado. Though Appleby is still basking in praise for his debut full length, Fire on the Vine, released last year, Appleby promises to share a few new songs this weekend. With the release of Fire on the Vine, Appleby introduced us to unique instrumentals fueled by experimentation, so it will be a treat to see what he’s been up to as of late.

Photo by Annie Beedy

If you’re a fan of either gazing pop or guy-girl duos, you’re bound to enjoy opener Pure Bathing Culture from Portland. Daniel Hindman and Sarah Versprille of Vetiver make up this charming project, as they’ve been writing songs together since 2009 while living in Brooklyn. After moving to Portland in 2011, the new project was solidified between tours with Vetiver, and recently they’ve released their very first Pure Bathing Culture S/T EP. The first offering from the nostalgic yet fresh outlet is more than enticing, and they will be sweeping openers if you attend this performance early enough to catch them.

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