Tonight in Seattle: Earth Control, Ghost, and More

Gabriel Arguelles / January 30, 2012

Earth Control, Xerxes, Code Orange Kids, White Heat, Tribes @ The Redroom | 01/30 | 6:30pm | $7 | All Ages

Earth Control via

Earth Control, who used to be known as Owen Hart, released an album, Earth Control, early in 2011. It’s an absolutely killer record for those of us who miss the days of nuanced metallic hardcore. Those of us reared on the almighty Converge and Coalesce. They’re a great band and I’m very glad that they’ve decided to continue beyond the cease and desist order that Vince McMahon and Owen Hart’s family slapped the band with last year.

Louisville’s Xerxes are also performing tonight, and if nothing else, they’re part of one of the few remaining decent hardcore record labels, No Sleep Records.

Ghost, Blood Ceremony, Ancient Wisdom @ El Corazon | 01/30 | 8pm | $13 Get Tickets Here | All Ages

In October of 2010, Ghost released Opus Eponymous, an album that made many a metal critic’s top-ten. The brilliant nine-song, 35 minute album is a tribute to all things devilish. Instead of being intensely heavy or intensely fast or angry, Ghost recall bands like early Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult. They have a driving rhythm guitarist but beyond that it’s all melody and guitar solos. Ghost are one of a kind in a much as they harken back to the late sixties and early seventies while still being a thoroughly creepy band, at least to the easily spooked.

Monday night’s show will be as over the top as they get– Ghost and Blood Ceremony are both incredibly operatic in their presentation– much face-paint and make-up will be worn. Expect costumes and, at least in Ghost’s case, to never even see most of the bands’ faces. For fans of Opus Epomymous, this will be one of the best shows of the year, and we’re only just getting started.

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