Hot! Tonight in Seattle: Chosen Enemies, Witchburn, Dum Dum Girls, and more!

Posted by on October 9th, 2011 at 9:00 AM

Chosen Enemies, Omega Moo, Dies Drear, WhyWolves @ El Corazon | 10/9 | 8 pm | $6 (Get Tickets) | 21+

 Punk band Chosen Enemies is coming to El Corazon tonight.  Chosen Enemies is not the typical teenage-angst filled punk band, but rather a more sophisticated take on what the band describes as a “way of life.”  The members of Chosen Enemies originally started playing music together about a decade ago, under the name Reprise; a band who had the reputation for putting on chaotic, energy filled shows that attracted the attention of the Marysvilled PD.  As time passed, the members of Reprise drifted apart, but slowly found themselves back together again, and began working on new material.  The result of their hard work was a three-track EP entitled Sin and the Curse, released in 2010.  Recorded in the hall where the band practices, the EP has the feeling of a live set that is often missing from recorded tracks today.  Their sound is raw, but with a refined edge that is accessible to more than just hardcore punk fans.  Check out Chosen Enemies with Omega Moo, Dies Drear, and WhyWolves at El Corazon.
Witchburn, Blood Hot Beat, Midstokke, Suits of Woe @ Chop Suey | 10/9 | 7:30 pm | $6adv/$8dos (Get Tickets) | All Ages

Photo Credit: Matt McSheehy

Witchburn is an absolutely brutal band.  That’s all I really need to say here.  They will absolutely melt your face off, not only with volume, but sheer low-end, rattle your teeth bass, and drop-tuned guitars that are so low, you’ll swear you can feel your bones rattling.  Combining those with simply pounding drums, Witchburn will pretty much just destroy you.  Boasting quite an impressive resume, Witchburn has opened for acts such as Slipknot and 3 Inches of Blood, and are no stranger to the big stage.  But in the smaller venue of Chop Suey, their sound will probably just be amplified to mythic proportions.  Get ready to mosh and arrive early to catch opening acts Blood Hot Beat, Midstokke, and Suits of Woe.

Dum Dum Girls, The Crocodiles, Colleen Green @ Neumos | 10/09 | 9pm | $13 ADV (Get Tickets) | 21+

Preview by: Nikki Benson

Photo by Lauren Dukoff

Remember when the ’60s were so hot with fashion hipsters, you know, five minutes ago? Vintage is still alive and well with our bold indie-rockers Dum Dum Girls. Their version of beach-wave pumps its fist with punk-rock and neo-garage distortion.  Though they have lots of variety to their sound, one could know if they’re into Dum Dum Girls by listening to a single song. So, have a listen to “Bedroom Eyes.”

MP3: Dum Dum Girls – “Bedroom Eyes”

This song showcases the upbeat, retro nature of their music. They keep their riffs and progressions simple while hooking their listeners in with clean harmonies, fuzzed out drums, and funneling sounds. They’ve got all of this, and they’re super-hot. Am I right?

For your chance to win tickets to Dum Dum girls, e-mail with the phrase “Dum Dum Girls at Neumos 10/09″ in the subject line. Be sure to include your first and last name for the guest list. We’ll holler back if you win. Be sure to follow @SSGPromo to keep tabs on all of our giveaways.

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