Tonight In Music: Xavier Rudd, Astrovan, Coheed & Cambria, Battles, and more!

Lindsey Scully / May 5, 2011

Xavier Rudd, honeyhoney @ Showbox Market | 5/5 | 8pm | 21+ | $22.50

Photo via Xavier Rudd

What person doesn’t find a blonde, blue-eyed Australian who can sing and play instruments sexy? Xavier Rudd is as easy on the ears as he is on your eyes, and his show tonight is something no one should miss. He’s been to the Seattle area before at Bumbershoot back in 2008 and last August at Marymoor Park. This Aussie will not only melt your heart with his smooth vocals, but his lyrics and message will soothe your soul. Rudd is world renowned and he really exemplifies the genre of world music; Everything from a didgeridoo, djembe drums, slide banjo, and of course the guitar.

If you’re one of the ones that are happy that mainstream music has turned on to the folk craze, then you’ll be quite pleased to hear honeyhoney tonight and designate them your new favorite band. Lead singer Suzanne has a little country twang in her voice, but the rest is all soul and gospel like Joss Stone, also have to mention that she plays the banjo! Ben Jaffe is the guitarist and man, this guy is talented. He has a retro vibe that brings back memories of surf rock in the track Little Toy Gun, which you can view the video that Keifer Sutherland not only directed but also starred in below.


Astrovan, Sweetkiss Momma, Superfekta, and White City Graves @ Chop Suey | 5/5 | 8pm | 21+ | $10


Photo via Astrovan

Blues heavy rock gods Astrovan will be at Chop Suey tonight blasting your ears full of 70’s-reminiscent rock. Astrovan has opened up for Nickleback and Papa Roach, and will be opening up for someone very special at the Gorge in July! Their debut EP You Said It Man might have only 6 tracks on it but it has received an enormous amount of buzz in the Pacific Northwest. Not to mention the cover art brings you back to old-school Peechee folder days.

How can you not be intrigued by a band whose guitar player has a license plate for the body of his guitar? Not that he uses it all the time… but still. Sweetkiss Momma is a great complement band for Astrovan, seeing how they are a blues rock band as well. They have fantastic guitar riffs and harmonies with a little trumpet thrown in. Sweetkiss Momma truly has a Southern soul to their music.

Superfekta has a Linkin Park-esque quality to them, and it’s really prevalent in tracks like Almost and then a bit of Theory of a Deadman in So Much. This is a band who has not only been together for over a decade, but has put out two albums and has been working on a third as of late. Superfekta’s rock reputation has garnered attention from Lingerie Football League locals the Seattle Mist, with whom Superfekta is the Official Tailgate Party Band for.

White City Graves is the darker, more brooding cousin of Astrovan. The older one who drove a black van, wore all black clothing, and blasted metal and rock while driving menacingly throughout the neighborhood. White City Graves is the cousin that always showed you a good time. While White City Graves is basically the old punk-a-billy group Slop Shot repackaged into hard metal, they still manage to bring a new demeanor about them that makes you not realize it.


Coheed & Cambria @ Showbox SoDo | 05/05 | 8:30pm | $27.50-$30.00 | All-Ages

Photo by Davey Wilson

Through intense prog-rock and epic lyrics, Coheed & Cambria have spent the last 10 years chronicling The Armory Wars–a sci-fi tetralogy created by lead vocalist Claudio Sanchez. The story revolves around the son of Coheed & Cambria Kilgannon, a cosmic warrior named Claudio who fights to save a realm called “Heaven’s Fence”. Despite being their debut release, The Second Stage Turbine is actually the second part of the story, and their latest album, Year of the Black Rainbow, recounts the beginning.

To mark their decennial anniversary, they’ve embarked on “Neverender SSTB”–a tour which will bring The Amory Wars full circle with their debut being performed in its entirety. In The Second Stage Turbine, we meet two of the story’s central villains and witness Coheed & Cambria’s courageous battle against the rulers of Heaven’s Gate to protect their children from being murdered.

According to their newsletter, shows which are titled “An Evening with” (such as the one in Seattle) will include “a full set electric, along with a 30-40 minute acoustic set, and a bonus electric set. No support bands.” Make no mistake, if you are a Coheed & Cambria fan, you will not want to miss this! And with half of their tour dates thus far selling out, you will be very lucky indeed to get your hands on these tickets.

For a chance to win two tickets to this prodigious rock odyssey, e-mail with “NEVERENDER (05/05)” in the subject line. Please include your first and last name for the guest list. If you are the winner, we will congratulate you via e-mail! – Sean Palmer

Battles, IG88 @ The Crocodile | 5/5 | 8pm | $SOLD OUT$ | 21+

The new, Tyondai Braxtonless Battles (Photo courtesy of Battles)

For those who already know, please visit our new Facebook Page, leave a comment that says “I follow @SSGPromo, and I want tickets to BATTLES! My Twitter name is @[your twitter name]” to win tickets. We’ll direct message you if you’re the winner.

For those of you who don’t already know, here are the important details from Daniel Ahrendt:

Started in 2002 in New York City, the prog-rock super group known as Battles blew into the public eye in 2007 with their debut LP Mirrored. At the time they were comprised of guitarists Ian Williams (formerly of Don Caballero and Storm & Stress), composer Tyondai Braxton, Dave Konopka (formerly of Lynx), and drummer John Stanier (formerly of Helmet). Braxton announced his departure in August of 2010 to dedicate more time to solo work. Now a trio, the group has a new album called Glossdrop to be released on the 6th of June, their second on experimental giant label Warp. They will also be curating ATP’s Nightmare Before Christmas festival in Minehead, UK on Dec.9-11. – Daniel Ahrendt

The fun details are as follows: They are a beat-heavy on the outskirts of the post-rock genre that would get the most up tight of folks to let their hair out and dance. Their vocals are plucked straight out of The Wizard of Oz, and you’ll feel like you are too when frolicking around like a crazy person at the show. As one of the greats, they are a fun to watch as they are reputable. This is a show to see if for no other reason to put it in your back pocket of memories, but there are like 100 other reasons.  Be sure to arrive early to catch IG88! – Nikki Benson




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