Tonight in Music: STRFKR and The Cave Singers

Bertie Magit / April 23, 2011

STRFKR, Champagne Champagne, and Land of Pines at The Vera Project | 4/23 | 7:30pm | $16 | ALL AGES

Promotional photo via STRFKR

If you like music that will make you happy, you will love STRFKR.  Even though the songs on their latest album, Reptilians, are about death, there are no dark and ominous tones present.  STRFKR uses lots of layering, creating thick sounds reminiscent of The Flaming Lips, which has come to define them.

The curse of a good band is that its shows sell out, something that STRFKR is beginning to grow accustomed to.  Land of Pines and Champagne Champagne will be opening the show with doors at 7:30pm.  If you want to dance around doused in music celebration life, buy your ticket, that is, if it hasn’t sold out already.

The Cave Singers with The Young Evils at The Showbox at the Market | 4/23 | 8pm | $16-$18 | 21+

Via the Cave Singers

What is folk music? It may or may not come as a surprise to find out there is more to this genre than Bob Dylan.  The Cave Singers is a band that creates folk music capable of seducing a large variety of listeners.  The upbeat gritty songs off of the band’s debut album, Invitation Songs, hint at some band members’ origins in punk-rock music.

The Cave Singers will be performing with The Young Evils at The Showbox tonight, giving you the opportunity to listen to a different kind of folk, good different, that is.


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