Tonight in Music: RJD2 (Win Tickets!!!)

Nikki Benson / April 11, 2010

RJD2 @ Neumos | 04/11 | $17 in advance

RJD2 is completing the last leg of his US tour, and it’ll be a rare treat to be able to see him at Neumos tonight. RJD2 is a producer, musician, and singer, and he finds his home behind the decks spinning records. Here in Seattle, no matter how excited we are to see a great DJ, i.e. DJ Krush, show goers aren’t quite sure what to do with themselves. If it were a dance hall or club, we would dance. It’s more likely that you will find the audience enjoying themselves, bopping a little bit, but not getting all the way to moving their feet. RJD2 will be a different story. He is not a performer that constrains the show by being a still center piece among the vibrant music, rather, he incorporates all of his musical prowess to rock the show.

Tonight, RJD2 will be spinning his thick beats, singing a bit, and he even have some special treats for this once in a career tour. Quoting from his website,

RJD2 is back with his highly anticipated 4th solo album “The Colossus”. Marking the 10th year of his career, the album showcases the myriad of styles RJD2 has spanned as a maverick, respected producer.

Collaborating with MC’s, vocalists and various instrumentalists, it displays an urgency and sophistication rarely seen. Weaving together RJD2’s rock solid drums, soulful vibes and horns, samples and everything else available, the album is a kaleidoscopic look both forward and back. “The Colossus” is out now via his own label, RJ’s Electrical Connections.

For your chance to win tickets to this show, please click here or e-mail with the phrase “I want me some singing RJD2” in the subject line. Don’t forget to include your name in the body of the e-mail. The winner will be selected by 4pm.

Here is a sample of the RJD2 goodness:

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