Tonight in Music: Oceano, Smooth Sailing, and more

Gabriel Arguelles / April 12, 2010

Oceano, Bleeding Through, Sleeping Giant, Born of Osiris, Culling the Weak,@ Studio Seven | 04/12 | 6pm | $18

Oceano play death metal in a mostly short-haired, metal-core influenced kind of way; the kids call it death-core. The music is generally heavy and fast but there are some crazy mosh parts in there which were previously ignored by the originators of the death-metal genre. There’s all kinds of growling in this. If you can make out the lyrics, you’re a genius. If heavy metal is your cup of tea, and these guys are heavy, and Studio Seven is the place to be tonight. All of the six bands featured on the Spring Breakdown Tour of 2010 are heavy as a whale carcass and will fill your shredding and mosh quota for at least the next few days.

Smooth Sailing, When Snail Meets Rail, Monsters Scare you!, Sordid Sentinel @ The Comet Tavern | 04/12 | 8pm

Smooth Sailng

Tonight’s a great night for heavy music in Seattle! Over at The Comet, Smooth Sailing are playing their own brand of hardcore. They bring a more nuanced version–lots of heavy screaming and destruction, but the point with these guys isn’t show us how heavy they can be. Instead, the music is quite dexterous and clever as it takes the listener from pummeling heaviness to undistorted discordant noodling. Smooth Sailing bring to this music the same urgency and destructiveness of early Converge or Reversal of Man but a maturity that is hard to come by. Judging by the music on Smooth Sailing’s myspace page, they’re a fantastic band that can do no wrong.

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