Tonight in Music: Moon Duo, Slow Skate, and more

Bertie Magit / April 8, 2011

Moon Duo, Young Prisms, Diminished Men, Airport at Funhouse | 4/8 | 9:30pm | $8 |21+

Moon Duo is a psychedelic dance-rock band centered around sounds of the unfamiliar.  The band was formed with the intention to “create a primeval sound experience,” and they accomplish that objective.  In case you have never heard Moon Duo, it sounds like Deerhunter took some LSD and was having a trip that was teetering on the edge between fun and frightening.  Moon Duo are playing with Young Prisms, Diminished Men, and Airport at Funhouse at 9:30pm tonight.

Slow Skate (Album Release Party), Thomas Hunter and White China Gold, and Dane Ueland at Columbia City Theater | 4/8 | 9pm |$7 |21+

Book titles occasionally serve as an accurate representation of the story enclosed within the book’s  bindings.  Article titles fit even better alerting the reader exactly what they are getting themselves into.  Band names do not hold any sort of indicator as to what kind of music that particular band creates.  Slow Skate is the exception.  Slow Skate’s music pulls the listener into a decelerated daze, as if the listener was skating alone, lost in their time-defying thoughts.

Tonight, Columbia City Theater is hosting the Slow Skate’s album release party, the first two tracks of which can be heard on their website.  Beginning the show will be Thomas Hunter and White China Gold and Dane Ueland soon after the doors open at 9pm.  Come listen to some great music while celebrating the release of Slow Skate’s album Count the Days with Me, tonight!


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