Tonight in Music: Manhattan Transfer, City Arts Fest: Chamber vs. Chamber, The Weepies,The Alloy Orchestra Score ‘Metropolis’ @ SIFF Cinema, and more

Jodi Hollister / October 21, 2010

Manhattan Transfer @ Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley | 10/21-24 | 7:30pm & 10:00PM | $40 In Advance

As one of the most innovative jazz/pop vocal groups for the last four decades, Manhattan Transfer has consistently captivated audiences and confounded the critics who to try to define their sound. Currently touring in support of their 2009 release The Chick Corea Songbook, Manhattan Transfer will begin a four night run (two shows each evening) tonight at Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley. Tackling some the greatest works by the jazz legend has been a project in the making since the 1970’s, when founding member Tim Hauser discussed it with Corea; the time stewing over it has served the group well. Arranging the already complex pieces and incorporating their nearly unmatched vocal  abilities, Manhattan Transfer prove they’ve still got it and just keep getting better.

City Arts Fest Day 2: Chamber vs. Chamber featuring Paul Rucker & Tilson @ Hotel Sorrento | 10/21 | 8PM

The inaugural year of the City Arts Fest is in full swing this evening with a slew of events happening all over the city, click here for the full four-day schedule; one such event is Chamber vs. Chamber. In this fourth installment of the City Arts project, that brings together chamber music and indie rock for collaboration and conversation, the audience will be treated with an evening focusing on rap, spoken word and poetry, and their relationship to hip-hop and chamber music. The multi-talented  Paul Rucker, will bring his classical background and visionary outlook to be combined with The Saturday Knights’ antic-prone MC, Tilson. Entertainment meets education meets experimentation.

Enjoy the video below which was filmed during the first Chamber vs. Chamber, featuring Loch Lomond, Lori Goldston, and Spectratone.

The Weepies @ The Crocodile | 10/21 | 7PM | 21+

Photo courtesy of Jen Ashton

The Weepies set off on their nationwide tour late last month, following the debut of their fourth, highly anticipated new album Be My Thrill. To say that the indie pop husband-wife duo’s faithful fan base has been thrilled by both the new material and tour announcement is an understatement, as The Weepies have been selling out nearly all of their shows. If you’re new to The Weepies, you might actually recognize their songs from shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill. Their music is subtle and folky, and often sweet and dreamy in terms of lyrical content. The band’s name couldn’t be more appropriate, as their music tends to inspire tears of both joy and sorrow.

As if a show featuring The Weepies wasn’t enough, local Seattle buzz band The Head and the Heart are also on the bill, as well as indie pop sweetheart Lucy Schwartz. This evening might just make your heart burst with emotion! Make sure you secure your spot now, and get there early, as this star-laden show is bound to be a popular one! – Suzi Pratt

City Arts Fest 2010: The Alloy Orchestra Score ‘Metropolis’ @ SIFF Cinema | 10/21, 10/22, 10/23 | $17 ADV ($15 with SIFF membership) | All Ages

Finally! A chance to talk about film!

All during the festival, SIFF Cinema will be showing one of the most landmark films in all of history, Fritz Lang’s sci-fi, silent film masterpiece ‘Metropolis’. But not just any old ‘Metropolis’. This version is the original, 153-minute marathon that debuted in Berlin back in 1927. In addition to the extra footage, the always professional, always tip-top Alloy Orchestra will be live scoring each of these three showings.

‘Metropolis’ is one of those rare, canon films that is an actual thrill to watch. Fritz Lang’s art deco styling and flair for the dramatic are highly influential in not only film, but television, theater, even video games (Don’t tell me you don’t see the flooding of the city and don’t immediately think of Bioshock (maybe that’s just me)). The themes central to this tale of human achievement tainted by emotion and ravaged by the cruel hand of fate reverberates in any era. If you haven’t seen it, you should. If you have, it was probably never like this.

The Alloy Orchestra is comprised of a trio of professional noisemakers, artful sonic mimics who craft their performances to the slightest change in atmosphere. They’ve done this live-score type event a countless number of times, and have worked with film archives, museums, and historic theaters all over the globe. They first scored ‘Metropolis’ back in 1991. Suffice to say, they probably know what they’re doing.

If you get a wristband, I highly highly recommend that you stop in to SIFF Cinema over the weekend. Your brain will get bigger and smarter, I promise. – Allen Huang

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