Tonight In Music: Lemolo, Frightened Rabbit, Leeni

Billy McManus / May 16, 2010

Lemolo @ The Comet | 05/16 | 4 pm | $5

If you are looking for something beautifully mellow to do this afternoon, you should definitely get down to the Comet and check out Lemolo.  This local act will be gracing the stage with their thoughtfully arranged and gracefully performed songs about love and longing.  Their music is full simple arrangements and subtle harmonies that channel Neko Case and the Cowboy Junkies. If this video is any indication they also sound pretty amazing live.  They have only been around for a little over a year, but they have already released a fantastic EP, and played stages like Neumos.  Get on down there and check them out!

Frightened Rabbit @ Sonic Boom | 05/16 | 5:30 pm | All Ages | Free!!!!

Usually Sunday is not a great night for shows, but tonight is gonna be pretty hot!  Coming to us all the way from Scotland, Frightened Rabbit will be doing a free show at Sonic Boom this afternoon. This is really great news if you don’t have tickets to their SOLD OUT show later tonight at Neumos.  Though they are from across the pond, their sound is definitely indie and will feel right at home on stage here in Seattle.  Their sound is a strange mix of down stroke guitar riffs and jumbly syncopated beats that feel both clean and cluttered at the same time.  Over all, their music is extremely listenable and catchy.  They may not be back to Seattle for a while, so this show is definitely not to be missed. Even if you already have tickets to Neumos, Sonic Boom is always a fun place to see a band–why not do both?

Leeni @ High Dive | 05/16 | 8 pm | $6

Leeni has been around for a few years now and has earned her spot in the ranks of 8-bit old schoolers here in Seattle.  If you are not familiar, 8-bit is what happens when you take your old Game Boy, hook it up through a sequencer and drum machine, then proceed to play it live. When done well it can be really amazing.  It can also induce grade school flashbacks of Mario Bros. and Castlevania, which is also a great thing.  Leeni‘s 8-bit is particularly hard to resist.  Not only is it musically and technically on point, it’s packed full of her beautiful vocals and well written lyrics.  If you have never heard of 8-bit, it’s time you initiate yourself.  If you are already a fan, you’ve probably stopped reading by now and are en route to Fremont.  It’s cool, I understand.

7 thoughts on “Tonight In Music: Lemolo, Frightened Rabbit, Leeni

  1. I saw Lemolo live at the Comet on Sunday afternoon. The show was great. Lead singer, Meagan, is amazing – her voice – wow! Loved loved loved the new songs.

  2. Lemolo rocked the comet on Sunday – thanks for doing the encore girls – we can’t get enough of your music.

  3. Lemolo has such a lovely sound – thanks for previewing them ~ I heard the show at the comet was great, I’m sorry to have missed it! Can’t wait to hear more, it’s so refresing to hear a band that is constantly writing new songs and evolving into such a presence on stage.

  4. Hearing Lemolo live is a real treat. So excited to see they’re playing at the Tractor Tavern this Sunday, June 27th. You can bet I’ll be there. The last 5 or 6 shows I saw the gals play were fantastic. But I do have one gripe – their sets aren’t long enough – we want more songs girls – at least an hour!

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