Tonight in Music: Laff Hole, Stryper

Gabriel Arguelles / March 2, 2011

People’s Republik of Komedy presents Laff Hole ’88 featuring Paul Merrill, Danielle Radford, Rylee Newton, Brandon Ivey, Jessica Strauss, Barbara Holm, comedy duo Travis and Kevin, and Leeni @ Chop Suey | 03/02 | 8:30pm | $10

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Tonight is 80s night at least two parts of Seattle– this iteration of the People’s Republik of Komedy’s mid-week comedy night is called “Laff Hole 88,” and Stryper, the 80s champions of Christian hair metal will perform at El Corazon. First the comedy, then the music.

Laff Hole ’88 will feature Paul Merrill and some Laff Hole regulars (including the very funny Rylee Newton who performed to sold-out audiences last week while opening for Marc Maron) performing as if it were 1988. They’re going back in time for this one– awful fashion, stupid hair, and 1988-heavy references. Bone up on 1988 here so all of the Ronald Reagan, Michael Jackson Moonwalker and Marty McFly references won’t all pass you by. There’s no guarantee that every single joke will be funny, but you can be sure everyone who takes the stage will at least look ridiculous.

Stryper, Witchburn, 7 Horns 7 Eyes @ El Corazon | 03/02 | 7:00 | $30


Stryper are back in town, this time having just released The Covering, an album of Stryper covers of the bands that have most influenced them. Some of the songs on it are more successful than others, but it really is a fun listen. Some of the most surprising bands that they’ve chosen to cover include Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Kansas. Expect the band, now in their late forties and early fifties, to mix their takes on these classic tunes with their own hits.

Here’s some of what we said last time Stryper graced the El Corazon stage with their glam rock awesomeness:

This is a big deal to some of us. One could argue that every single SSG Music preview is about a band that is a big deal to some of us, and they’d be correct. But, this is a huge deal. There’s a sliver of the population that grew up Christian in the 80′s, and if you’re part of this group you know what this is about: Stryper. They were the biggest band ever, we thought. They broke boundaries and stitched Christian band names on the backs of jean jackets world wide. They made it cool for religious people to look like Poison and Mötley Crüe fans even if those bands were really a little too risque for their tastes. Stryper scared parents with the album cover and title To Hell with the Devil, even if the stuff contained within was praise hair metal and conservative values. Not all of us are still Christian, but we remember what Stryper did for us. They made it cool for the dorky kids with the really strict parents to rock.

Stryper aren’t touring stadiums anymore. In fact, they’re playing clubs. The rise of grunge and Metallica-style pop-metal have made 80′s glam rock almost completely disappear. They’re playing El Corazon to be precise, and it’ll be the intimate hair metal show of a lifetime. They’ll introduce themselves to the audience, each with their own solo and Michael Sweet will break glass with his high notes. The hair will fly. Oh, the hair.

It’s not every day or even year that old hair metal bands play venues in which one can stand 5 feet away from them. If you want to unpretentiously rock out, air-guitar, and sing 25 year old songs like when you were a churchy 11 year old, this is the night to do it. They do still bring it.

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