Tonight in Music: I Am Ghost, Rat City Brass, and more

Nick Larzalere / March 7, 2010

While most of SSG will be at KEXP manning the phones for their spring pledge drive, there are a few good shows that you can enjoy tonight.

I Am Ghost @ El Corazon | 7:30pm | $12

El Corazon is having a post-hardcore night, with two bands that should be interesting to see. I Am Ghost has been around for a few years, and is a fairly solid act. Back in 2007 there was a bit of noise from the band as two of their members, Brian and Kerith Telestai, left over arguments regarding the direction I Am Ghost should take. Since then they released their second album, Those We Leave Behind, and it is still true to the sound of their first album.

Modern Day Escape is the other band that should be interesting to watch, though their quality is a bit more unknown. Their EP, House of Rats, came out last summer, and since then has received plenty of attention from the screamo scene. What is worrisome about this band is that the main pusher of them is the store Hot Topic. While it’s great for any new band to get that kind of distribution, this fact almost made me recommend not going to this show. A good portion of the audience could be made up of Hot Topic kiddies, which puts any show in dangerous territory. If you enjoy hardcore music, then tonight you should take t hat chance and see both Modern Day Escape and I Am Ghost. Their music seems pretty good, but the audience could be the problem.

Rat City Brass @ Sunset Tavern | 5pm | $5

Rat City Brass is essentially a Herb Alpert cover band, and that is why you should see them. When the song, “Green Peppers” started playing on the band’s myspace, it was impossible to stop from grooving along. There is no album better to dance like an idiot to than Herb Alpert’s Whipped Cream & Other Delights. The show is an early and inexpensive, so having work or school on Monday is no excuse to miss them. The key for this show is to dance like no one is watching. You cannot stand still while listening to this music.

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