Tonight in Music: Ex-Girlfriends, Avi Buffalo

Gabriel Arguelles / November 2, 2010

Ex Girlfriends, Stickers, Alt Country Blues @ The Funhouse | 11/02 | 9:30pm | $5

There are seven of them. They are Ex-Girlfriends. This may or may not be a reference to Scott Pilgrim and his epic fight against Ramona’s seven evil exes. I doubt it. Regardless, Ex-Girlfriends will perform at The Funhouse tonight. They will make people dance, and they will scream a lot and rock out. The video below proves it. Ex-Girlfriends are a seven-person rock n’ roll party with instruments. They’re shameless in their intention of putting on what will amount to a fun and noisy show.

Avi Buffalo, The Head and the Heart, The Parson Red Heads @ Neumos | 11/02 | $12 adv | All Ages, bar with ID

Photo by: Devin O'Brien

Avi Buffalo will be at Neumos tonight. Here’s what our own illustrious Nikki Benson has to say about it:

“What’s in it for/ someone with nothing to do/what’s in it for me/woouuhhhooooooh”. These words ring loud and clear across the ever-expanding Avi Buffalo fanbase. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Avi Buffalo twice and both times they lit up the room with their young energy, anthemic singalongs, and warm music. It’s easy to compare Avi Buffalo to their Sub Pop label-mates The Shins, with both bands having similar falsetto vocals and uplifting indie-rock vibes. I’m sure Avi Buffalo take no offense to such a comparison, but on their own they still bring something new, fresh, and unique to the music scene. Avi Buffalo brings indie-rock back to the basics, and they do it with romance and style.

If you choose to spend your Tuesday evening with Avi Buffalo on 11/02, at the very least you’ll end the night with a smile on your face. But who knows? You might end up being inspired to go back to the basics, put on some rose colored glasses, and realize that life is what you make it–have some fun!

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