Tonight in Music: Eleanor Murray, Jarrod Gorbel, The Great Sabatini, and more

Gabriel Arguelles / October 22, 2010

Eleanor Murray, Led to Sea, Cap Lori, Jordan O’ Jordan @ The Bread Factory | 10/22 | 7pm| $7 donation

Eleanor Murray is impossibly good. The Olympia WA Bicycle Records artist is going on a month-long tour and taking a backing band with her. To call her folky would be undercutting the beauty of what she does, but it wouldn’t be entirely untrue; neither would comparing her to Portland’s fantastic Shelley Short. Murray is more haunting, though, more serious. Her show can be nothing but great, like her new record oh thunder Which can be streamed here.

Fun.Steel Train, Jarrod Gorbel @ EL Corazon | 10/22 | 8pm | $15

Jarrod Gorbel, once the leader of The Honorary Title, is back on his own. He started as The Honorary Title in 2002, and as the name got bigger he followed in the footsteps of acts like Dashboard Confessional and did what must have seemed like most natural thing: he added a backing band. The Honorary Title became a quartet and together they made the move from Doghouse records to the majors and toured the world.

That’s over now. Back to square one. Gorbel is once again in charge of all the songwriting, and this time there was no label pressure. What came of it is called Devil’s Made a New Friend. There are big-name musicians on this record: members of Rilo Kiley, The Black Crowes, Mystic Valley Band, and Azure Ray all make appearances. The result is a mostly acoustic record full of confident, lush orchestration and often a 60’s pop sound. Lenny Kravitz’s “It Ain’t Over Till it’s Over” comes to mind immediately.

Jarrod Gorbel will also do an in-store at the Queen Anne Silver Platters store at 4pm.

The Great Sabatini, Sean, The Loathesome Couple, Wah Wah Exit Wound @ The Funhouse | 10/22 | 9:30pm | $6

Quebec’s The Great Sabatini are here to crush. All hail The Great Sabatini.

There’s no two ways about it– these guys are heavy. Their mixture of psychedelia and tuned down destruction isn’t like that of most other bands attempting it because of their subtlety. The stoner vibes here are only as present as they are on the latest Torche record. These guys, however, are clearly more enamored with heaviness than they are with melody. Catch them on this, their two week tour of the American west coast and Canada.

Don’t forget about City Arts Fest! Get more information about what’s going down tonight with City Arts here.

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